Willow Newborn Care Specialist

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Willow has over a decade of experience working with children. Growing up she always knew she wanted to work with little ones, [and the littles all sensed it]. Word traveled fast at how easily infants would soothe in Willow’s arms, and subsequently, she started her journey babysitting for infants. By the time she was in college, she was working in the infant room at a daycare, while also working a summer camp program for toddlers. When she became pregnant with her daughter she made a career shift from the corporate world to a truer path for herself as a nanny and newborn care specialist. Willow also has experience as a birthing doula and postpartum caregiver.

Willow’s goals are to help bring new parents peace of mind that their little loves are safe and cared for, and new souls peace of the heart that someone is there for them to care for and soothe them throughout the night.

“Soothing and loving babies is just what I do! It’s the only thing I was sure of since I was a little girl. Falling in love with my job is easy! Not only do I get to soothe a sweet little love, but I also get it gives parents a stress- free good night's sleep! It’s honestly the best”

Background and Training

  • Newborn Care Training Academy
  • CPR/First Aid

Home + Family

At home, Willow adores being fully defined by this stage of toddler motherhood. Her and her daughter love adventures through the woods in search of mushrooms! Willow loves being in nature and is currently studying to become a Reiki Master.

As part of the LGBTQIA community herself, Willow is supportive of all the different ways families are built! All are beautiful, valid, and deserve support!

Sunshine provides postpartum care in Boston, the North Shore, Southern Maine and New Hampshire.