nanny share

What is a nanny share?

Oh the elusive nanny share. It’s a very popular concept, in theory. Let’s get into “What is a nanny share?”

Simply put: A nanny share is when two or more families share the same nanny. Sounds simple enough, right? Each family typically pays 2/3 of the nanny’s salary and the nanny watches the children from multiple families at the same time.

Benefits of a nanny share:

  • Both families can save money.
  • The nanny can benefit from a higher salary.
  • More flexibility on location. [Example:If one parent does meetings in their home on Tuesdays.]
  • The children get more socialization with other children on a regular basis.
  • Flexibility on schedule. Nannies are more flexible than daycares, and the families can work out an arrangement that fits everyone’s needs.

Drawbacks of a nanny share:

  • It’s difficult to find a nanny that is a fit for more than one family.
  • One family may end up with more benefits or drawbacks if the care is in one home vs the other.
  • Some children may have less attention given to their individual schedule if babies and toddlers are on different nap schedules.
  • The nanny typically needs a vehicle to utilize with enough space and car seats for multiple children.
  • If one family leaves the share, the other family may no longer be able to afford her and be left in a tough spot.
  • Conflicting parenting styles: This is what we see most often. One parent uses a different discipline style or has different rules for food- which can be confusing for the children.
  • Limited pool of nannies: Not all nannies want to work with the dynamics of multiple households. It’s additional work and a higher chance of job turnover.

How to have a successful nanny share:

Don’t get discouraged that it looks like there are more drawbacks than benefits. The good things about a nanny share can be REALLY good. Here’s how to have the best chance of success when starting a nanny share.

  1. Make sure you are on the same page with the other families in the share. Finding another family on Facebook might not be the best idea. The most successful nanny shares we’ve seen have been from long-term friends, or even family members. If you don’t know the other family well- make sure that you interview THEM first. What are their discipline styles? Do they sleep train their babies or practice co-sleeping? How long do they plan on having a nanny? Do they like the outdoors or would they prefer their kids do inside activities? What are their thoughts on germs, illness and vaccines? What types of foods do they prefer are offered to their children? What are their screen time limits?
  2. Get on the same page with nanny pay/benefits. What do they think is reasonable in terms of sick days, vacation days, raises and general benefits? Are they planning on paying legally? What will they do if one family is sick but the other one still needs care? Will a car be provided? If so how will this be financed? We generally recommend coming to terms with a base contract that everyone agrees on before even searching for a nanny.
  3. Figure out ALL the logistics. Where will the nanny be? Will they switch homes or spend all their time at one home? What household tasks will the nanny do? [If any] Do the families plan on getting memberships to any playspaces or activities?
  4. Interview thoroughly. We recommend an interview with each family privately, and then an interview with the families together. This can be a lot to ask of a nanny- but it benefits them in the long run to get a full idea of the dynamics that they are signing up for!

iOverall, a nanny share is a great option for families looking for affordable and flexible childcare without sacrificing quality care. Now that you know: What is a nanny share? Consider exploring this option if you’re in need of childcare for your little ones!