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Welcome Home Baby live-in care for the first 24 hours home from the hospital

Imagine having in-home support for the first 24 hours after arriving home from the hospital with a newborn. This service was created to help the entire family have an easy transition. Our team of Postpartum Specialists can help with hands on breastfeeding support, newborn care and helping establish practical routines that fit each family's unique lifestyle. Our 24 hours of in-home support offers parents the ultimate hands on education, by helping them feel comfortable and confident as they get to know their new baby.


Our Welcome home baby package offers 24 hours of in home support after your baby comes home. This is a unique and specialized service so we only offer this up to 4 times a month. We recommend that families connect with Nightingales at least 2-3 months prior to their due date to be able to secure a spot in our calendar.

what's included:

Newborn Care

Around the clock assistance with soothing, swaddling, bathing, diaper changes, breast or bottle feeding, burping and dressing for the first 24 hours home from the hospital.


Teaching proper care methods, providing one on one breastfeeding or bottle feeding support and giving helpful feedback and tips.


Educating parents so they can make informed decisions throughout their parenting journey.


Providing a written schedule to help guide parents into a daily routine that is developmentally appropriate for your baby’s age, that includes feeding, sleeping and playtime with a focus on developmental milestones.

Daily Log

Establishing a daily log, keeping track of feeding and sleeping patterns, along with other pertinent information and observations to help establish a healthy schedule.


Setting up, organizing and stocking the nursery, preparing bottles, properly storing breastmilk, washing and sterilizing bottles and pumping supplies, baby’s laundry, and running local errands.