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We support ALL parents

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During World Breastfeeding Week, and every week of the year. We support ALL moms, and all of their decisions.

we support all momswe support all moms

we support all moms

Breast is best. You’ve heard it before. Fed is best. I bet you’ve heard that too. We live in a connected world where everyone has opinions [and everyone wants to share them].

It wasn’t too long ago that women who chose to breastfeed their children were looked down upon. They were shamed, or even persecuted for daring to slip a nip in public. False propaganda told them breastmilk was dirty, or that formula had better nutritional value. Formula was stylish, convenient and heavily pushed by advertisements and medical professionals alike.

Today, in 2019, it is illegal in all 50 states to tell a woman that she cannot breastfeed her baby in a public place. The AAP, CDC, WHO all recommend breastmilk as a first choice for baby. We’ve seen the research. We know the benefits. We’re here celebrating all week. So, breast is best, case closed, right?

But what about when it isn’t? There are women who physically can’t breastfeed. There are women who emotionally can’t breastfeed. And, as much work has been done to change regulations and workplace environments, some women logistically just can’t breastfeed.

Formula has come a long way. Sure most brands still contain corn syrup, but did you know that some old-timey infant formula used to BE karo corn syrup?! It still has a long way to go. Not every formula is created equal. If you choose formula for your baby make sure you research not only the ingredients, but also the sourcing of the ingredients. [And who said formula was the easy choice?]

This world breastfeeding week we support our breastfeeding moms. We acknowledge the struggle of women before us, and we recognize moms for what they might be overcoming today. However, we also support ALL women and ALL of the difficult choices that they make for their babies.

Let’s not be the moms who shame others who don’t fit into our boxes. In this time of social media connectedness let’s actually BE connected. Instead of only associating ourselves with similar parenting styles/choices let’s be accepting of all mothers. No matter what we feel is best, we’re all making the choice that we feel is best for our own children.