What’s special about our Night Nurses?

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There are many benefits of using an agency when finding the right night nurse or baby nurse. It’s one-stop shopping. We handle the dirty work. We call the references and do the background checks. All you have to do is fill out a registration form and meet with the Nightingale that is matched to you. We won’t send you just anyone; our detailed registration form is designed to help us make the best match for your family. [Remember, our team is not all registered nurses.]

What are some of the other benefits, though?

We work as a team: Each of our night nurses have worked with dozens of babies, and when you work with one of our team members you actually work with all of us. We all communicate regularly and bounce ideas off of each other. If I encounter a situation that isn’t the normal (and trust me, this happens all time as all babies are different) I check in with a team member or two. We also try to get together regularly to stay connected and get to know one another.

We back each other up: We are all human, and from time to time we get sick, go on vacation, or there is the unexpected family emergency. So instead of being without a night nurse on very short notice, our agency has a built-in backup system. 

We got you covered no matter what: Babies come on their own time — due dates are, at best, an expected date — and sometimes they arrive when we least expect it. If you work with a solo night nurse or postpartum doula and she is in the middle of a eight-week contract with another client and you deliver four weeks early, then you might not have a night nurse after all, even though you planned ahead.

This is one of the biggest benefits of working with an agency. There is no switch and bait at the last minute or referring you to another doula. We got your back, and we’ll figure it out together.

We price fairly: We charge a flat rate for an 8 hour shift. No hidden registration fees, no travel fees per shift. We try to be fair. We’re out here trying to make a living too, and we hope you respect that we pay our team members a livable wage. They are also the best, and our prices reflect that.

The bottom line: There is a lot of time and energy that goes into finding the right support for your growing family. After all, your night nurse will be taking care of your baby, in your home, while you sleep. That’s why we are so diligent about our multi-step hiring process, and getting to know our team members. 

So if you are looking for overnight support in New England– our team of newborn care specialists, postpartum doulas and Rns [The Nightingale Night Nurses] have you covered!   Check us out

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