Top 5 Fun At-Home Holiday Activities

Being a parent during the holidays is a big job. Between gift shopping, decorating, and meal-planning, it’s easy to let the stress of making the magic happen overtake the magic itself. These simple, fun at-home holiday activities are the perfect way to reconnect with the true meaning of the season: childlike wonder, family time, and making memories. 

Candy Cane Hunt 

This cute idea from Messy Motherhood is perfect for all ages: simply hide some candy canes around your home, and watch your kids run wild trying to find every one! You can take it as far as you want, from hiding a few candy canes within easy reach for your toddler or planning a more elaborate adventure for your older kiddos. For children who can read, you can set up a whole scavenger hunt with each found candy cane containing a clue that leads to the next. Kids will love it, and you’ll love sitting back and watching them explore!

Christmas Charades

Nothing is more apt to spark endless giggles than a raucous game of family charades. Make it festive with this free printable from A Girl and  Glue Gun blog. Watching your 3-year-old portray “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” or your spouse act out “The Christmas Story” is sure to go down in the family history books. 

Christmas Tree Ball Sort 

Is your tiny human insistent on dismantling your Christmas tree this year? This adorable idea from I Can Teach My Child is sure to keep them distracted… at least for a little while! This activity is simple to make and helps toddlers with fine motor skills and color recognition. 

Gingerbread Houses 

The #1 classic of at-home holiday activities, decorating gingerbread houses is sure to delight kids of all ages – and keep them busy for a nice stretch! Toddlers will need help constructing, but may relish in decorating with icing and candy pieces on their own. Older children may enjoy the challenge of creating a themed gingerbread village. The tough part is deciding whether or not to let them eat the candy! Purchase a pre-fab kit or, if you’re feeling especially domestic, bake your own. This tutorial from Simply Recipes includes a 4-day action plan to help you pull it off smoothly. 

DIY Snow Paint

This two-ingredient snow paint idea from Crafty Morning is the perfect winter boredom-buster and family bonding activity. Get the kids outside on a snowy day to make art to their heart’s content. All you need is water, food coloring, and squeeze or spray bottles.