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Tarzia Nickerson, Postpartum Doula

Tarzia Nickerson Postpartum Doula

Tarzia started off her career 19 years ago, as a toddler teacher and in the process obtained her infant and preschool teacher certification. After years of working as a nanny and in a daycare setting she decided that she wanted to do something that was more geared towards her passion of working with babies and also provide her with the flexibility of being with her children during the day.

After taking a postpartum training in 2007, her experience as a mom and a nanny set the foundation for her to offer exceptional care to new and growing families.

Tarzia has worked with over 20 sets of twins, 2 sets of triplets, babies with seizures, babies that have heart monitors, preemies, babies with cleft lip and palate, sleep apnea, feeding tubes and babies on oxygen.

Her calm thoughtful nature and deep understanding of newborns and the postpartum period make her an asset to any family.

She makes her home in Central MA with her husband Mike and four amazing children, Nicolas 17, Morgan 13, Michael 4 and Daylen 3.

Tarzia provides postpartum doula care in Boston and suburbs.

Nightingale Night Nurses

“To put it simply, Tarzia is a godsend…

My husband and I never had a night nurse with our older son, and we didn’t think we needed one with our second. But after several straight weeks of sleepless nights, we decided to give it a try. When Tarzia arrived, she immediately put us both at ease with her warmth, professionalism, and knowledge. Our son was struggling with food allergies and gastrointestinal issues and was very fussy, to the point where my husband I had to spend hours bouncing and rocking him each evening.

Tarzia quickly figured out the best ways to soothe our son and how to settle him down to sleep. She was never fazed by his screaming and had lots of great tips and ideas to share with us. Soon, she had our son on a schedule, and my husband and I went back to feeling like normal, functioning adults again. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Tarzia literally saved our family during this stressful time; it was the best money we ever spent!”
– Kat

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