Spring Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Spring Fun Activities for the Whole Family

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Springtime is here! It’s the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy these beautiful days with family. Spring can bring unpredictable weather, but rain or shine, there’s something fun to do with family in spring. Quality time with family is the key to healthy relationships between parents and kids alike. Whether you’re planning ahead for the perfect spring family bonding activity, or looking to dive headfirst into a spontaneous spring adventure, read on! Let’s explore fun spring activities for the whole family. 

Explore a Park 

Have you truly explored all the parks and playgrounds in your local area? Chances are, there’s a hidden gem waiting for you. It may sound simple, but a nice day at the park is the perfect spring family bonding activity. Sometimes, there’s really no need to overthink it! Pack up the kids and head to a local park, playground, or state forest. Walk together and notice all the gorgeous greenery and flowers blooming!

Cloud Gaze 

When’s the last time you really stopped to stare at the sky? Springtime can bring fascinating weather patterns, and it’s the perfect time to lay back and look for shapes in the clouds. Kids and toddlers love this simple activity. Cloud gazing is a wonderful, relaxing way to connect with your little ones and for the whole family to tap into their creativity. 

Go for a Hike 

Hiking is great for physical and mental health, and it can certainly be all-ages friendly with the right planning. Babies and young toddlers can be worn in a baby carrier, and eager preschoolers and young children often surprise their parents with how well they can keep up! If you and your kids are new to hiking, it’s best to plan an out-and-back hike so you can turn around at any point, if attitudes start to go sour. Pack lots of snacks and water, and wear comfortable shoes. When hiking with kids, the idea is to enjoy the journey, not so much to push a far-off destination. 

Read Together 

Rainy spring day? It’s the perfect opportunity to start a new real-aloud! Babies and toddlers love picture books. Get comfy and take your time to point out pictures, ask questions, and listen to your little one’s opinions of the storyline. Older children love delving into chapter books, and spring is the perfect time to try a new book or series. Reading aloud together is a classic family bonding activity. If the weather is nice, move storytime outside for a really special time. 

Fly a Kite

Spring can be notoriously windy. Take the opportunity to teach your little ones how to fly a kite! If your yard space is limited, visit a beach or park with plenty of open space. Kites are inexpensive and so fun for kids and adults alike! Flying a kite at a new park is a win-win, as you’ll be trying a new activity in a new beautiful place. Kids will absolutely love these classic fun spring family activities.

Draw on the Sidewalk

Celebrate the end of winter snow and slush with a fun sidewalk coloring spree! Play hopscotch, draw designs, write uplifting words, and have a blast making your little corner of the world a bit more colorful.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Farmers markets are so enlivening in springtime. Shopping at the farmer’s market is a wonderful way to teach your children where food comes from while supporting local agriculture. Afterward, you can cook a seasonal dinner together and truly appreciate the bounty of spring. 


Gardening is a delightfully fun spring activity for families. Plant flowers, vegetables, herbs, or beautiful ornamental plants. If starting from seeds feels too challenging, try purchasing seed stars from your local garden center to transplant into your garden. Children and adults alike will delight in witnessing the process of plants maturing right before their eyes!

Splash in Puddles 

There’s no reason you have to stay inside on rainy days! With a good pair of puddle boots, a rain jacket, (and possibly rain pants), kids and adults alike can enjoy being out in the rain. Children love to jump in puddles and play in the rain. Why not join them for a silly family romp in the rain? 

Nature Journal 

Each day as spring unfolds, the flora and fauna around us changes. Some changes are subtle, like new birdsong, while others are more sudden and obvious, like tree bursting into bloom! Try recording your findings in a nature journal. Collect leaf samples, press flowers, or draw animals you see. Write down the seasonal changes you notice, and you’ll have a beautiful memento to look back on. Next winter, when all is still and quiet, you and your children will love being able to count down the days until the butterflies and fireflies will return again!

Enjoy Family Time in Spring 

Fun activities for toddlers, kids, and the whole family are all around you. There’s no need to overthink it! Enjoy springtime with your little ones. Notice the way the natural world is changing together. Explore new parks or visit familiar places with new eyes. On rainy days, jump in puddles or snuggle up inside for a read-aloud. Plant a garden or support local farmers, and cook together with your yummy seasonal finds. Fun spring family activities abound, so get out there and have some fun!