When your little one has sleep challenges, the whole family suffers. Understanding the science behind sleep issues is a key component for success when sleep training. Our infant sleep experts are committed to making your parenting journey easier. Rest easy. Soon, you will have everyone snoozing through the night again.

If you are struggling with sleep issues with your newborn, toddler or school aged child, you are not alone. Do any of these struggles sound familiar?

  • Are you pregnant and interested in learning about safe sleep spaces and healthy sleep habits for infants from day one?
  • Does your newborn need to be rocked with consistent movement or need to be nursed or fed in order to fall asleep?
  • Does your infant struggle falling asleep, wake multiple times throughout the night and/or take short naps?
  • Does your toddler wake before the sun?
  • Do you as the parent struggle to maintain a consistent nighttime routine with your school aged child?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your family could benefit from our sleep training program. Explore our sleep packages below!

Sleep Training Packages

Dreamy Newborn

We closely collaborate with you to track data, set achievable goals, and progress at your baby's pace. We offer continuous support and gentle guidance to establish healthy sleep habits right from the start. If you are struggling or just looking to set up your infant for success, this plan is for you.

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Little Dreamers

This package is perfect for addressing multiple night time wakings, early risers, short nappers, bedtime refusals and more. If you feel confident doing the work for sleep training but need to be guided on exactly what to do, this plan is for you. This plan can be “gentle” or “traditional”.

Well Rested Baby

This package includes everything that is in the Virtual Little Dreamers Package + 24 hours of in-home sleep training. If you do best with in-person instruction, or if you are nervous about how the sleep training process will go and want us to hold your hand to get you started, this plan is for you.

Well Rested Baby Plus

This package includes everything that is in the Well Rested Baby Package plus an additional 12 hours at a reduced cost [36 hours]. This is our most popular package as it covers the first 2 hardest nights of sleep training along with a day of naps. If you are worried about the sleep training process and want us to take the brunt of the hard work, this plan is for you.

Well Rested Family

This package includes everything that is in the Little Dreamers plus 72 hours of in-home support. It is our most comprehensive sleep training plan. If you are overwhelmed with the prospect of sleep training and want someone to fully sleep train your baby for you, this is the plan for you. Our goal is to hand you a sleeping baby by the end of this plan!


Even though your child may end your plan with us sleeping like a dream, realistically we know that things happen! Traveling, illness and babies getting older are some of the more common reasons that parents may have new questions about their child's sleep. We want you to feel like you have a real sleep partner in us and that you can reach out to us at any time.

Your baby/child’s success for achieving better sleep habits will be directly related to the method you choose and your dedication to following the plan. Some sleep training methods may take longer than others and some methods have a lower success rate. The duration of sleep training for older babies or toddlers ranges from 72 hours to 30 days. 100% of the families we have worked with have been happy with the sleep training progress they have made working with Nightingales.

We firmly believe that every baby is unique, so there's no one-size-fits-all approach to sleep training. We're dedicated to finding solutions that align with your baby's temperament and age, along with your family's comfort. We respect your parenting preferences and always give advice based on best practices and our experience.

How the process works

We help your child learn to love to

We specialize in helping parents overcome the challenges of getting their babies to sleep. We offer a range of in-home and virtual sleep training services from newborn to toddlerhood and beyond. Our custom programs are tailored to your baby's needs, your family's lifestyle, and your comfort. While our plans are unique, our process is consistent:

Discovery Call

Book a call with one of our sleep experts to learn more about the plans that we offer, pricing, philosophies, methods, realistic goals. If we feel on both ends that we are a fit to work together, we will send you an assessment.


We will send you an in depth questionnaire. This will tell us all about your child’s sleep habits and routines and to help us get a better understanding of your sleep goals.

Choose Package

We have several sleep plan packages to choose from. We are happy to tell you what options are available, but ultimately we recommend that you choose the package that you think will be the best fit for your family.

Payment Is Due

Sleep plans must be paid for in full before we send you the 5 day sleep log and start creating your customized sleep plan. If you are choosing in-person sleep training we will get a date on the calendar first.

5 Day Sleep Log

The 5 day sleep log gives us a deeper understanding of what is currently going on with your child 's sleep struggles. It has to be 5 consecutive days for us to effectively assess the sleep data.

Custom Plan

Together we are on our way to having the entire family sleeping better! Our sleep plans work to break unhealthy sleep habits of the past and re-learn independent sleep as quickly, gently and efficiently as possible in order to promote restful sleep for growth and development.