Scared about being a new parent? Some resources.

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It terrifies everyone, so I wanted to put together a quick post on the topic. You can’t cover the fears of impending parenthood in a single blog — there are entire sections of bookstores about the topic — but I came across a good resource recently. It’s worth a share.

It’s an article called “17 Stories That Should Be Required Reading For New Parents.” It contains such gems as “Child Therapist Gives Gorgeous Explanation Of What Good Parenting Should Look Like” and “The Parenting Secret That Is Destroying Us.” (That would be how inadequate many parents feel.) There’s also “28 Parenting Hacks,” including:


Some of it is tongue-in-cheek, no doubt, but many of the reads are valuable and good. Check out all 17 stories on the first link above if you’re nervous about becoming a parent — or even nervous about what type of parent you already are. Some of the reads will put everything in a better perspective.

Hope you enjoy. We’ll be back next Thursday with a guide to some fall activities for the Halloween period around the general Boston area.

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