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Do you ever get confused by all the different parenting advice out there — especially since much of it seems to contradict each other? Is your ultimate goal to deepen a loving connection with your child? I’ve got a potential recommendation for you: Parent Solutions. It’s run by my friend Beth.

She offers three individualized parent programs, including:

1. New Parent Program: for the busy new parent who wants someone available to help with new parenting issues.

2. Reinventing Parenting Program: learn how to confidently make daily parenting decisions that deepen your loving connection with your child.

3. Support and Guidance Program: for the parent who needs help with just one issue.

There are also small-group, age-specific programs designed to run six weeks of no more than eight parents with children of similar ages. The benefits therein:

  • Develop a supportive parenting community
  • Learn valuable parenting tools and information specific to your child
  • Gain confidence in your parenting

Beth also does speaking and workshops. One of the more interesting ones is about living with technology as opposed to for technology, which a lot of families struggle with right now. Here’s a description:

Do you feel like technology is taking over your family life?
Do you wonder how technology is effecting your child’s development?
Do you have trouble setting boundaries around technology?

During this presentation, I will be speaking about effective ways parents can ensure their children develop the knowledge, wisdom and self-identity to use technology more selectively while supporting their cognitive, emotional and social developmental needs.  Parents will learn how to make daily parenting decisions about technology based upon an understanding of their child’s brain development and confidently gain control of technology.  It is never too late to reverse and mitigate the negative effects of overuse of technology.

Some of the highlights of this presentation include:

  • Understand how technology effects brain development.
  • Learn to set boundaries on technology based upon parental priorities and values.
  • Learn how to get your kids excited about non-media related activities.

Definitely reach out to her if you’d like some help with your parenting or community events.

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