We understand how exhausting having a newborn can be. Our experienced team of Night Nurses: Postpartum Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists and Registered Nurses are by your side to help you transition home from the hospital. We provide education and support to help empower you to become confident parents throughout those first few months of your baby’s life.

The experience of great support when you have a new baby is

overnight newborn care

The secret to ENJOYING your baby:


Sufficient sleep is a vital part of postpartum healing and preventing postpartum depression and sleep deprivation. Proper rest will allow you the energy you need to nurture your baby to the fullest and be able to enjoy daytime snuggles and bonding, maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and transform your experience the first few months as a new family.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to be successful in your parenting journey. We educate you throughout your pregnancy with helpful local resources, tips on preparing and stocking the nursery, setting up your living space to have a functional nursing and changing station. Supporting you with hands on breastfeeding support and teaching you to swaddle & soothe your baby and everything in between.

Your Nightingale Will Help YOU:

  • Create a healthy sleep environment.
  • Build confidence in your parenting skills.
  • Understand your baby’s cues.
  • Calm your fussy baby.
  • Get your baby onto a daytime & nighttime schedule.
  • Get the restorative rest essential to be the best parent you can be during your baby’s waking hours.
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Your Nightingale, a newborn care specialist or postpartum doula, will typically arrive between 9-10pm and stay throughout the night for an 8-12 hour shift. Upon arrival, they will discuss how the day went and address any questions you may have. Throughout the night, they will stay in the same room as the baby and will handle all the tasks in between feedings such as waking, diaper changes, settling, soothing, and attending to any other needs your baby may have. If you are breastfeeding, they will bring the baby to you for nursing and if you are bottle feeding they will fully take over the night.

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A postpartum doula or newborn care specialist offers comprehensive assistance and education regarding newborn care. This includes guidance on feeding methods (breast, bottle, pumping, or a combination), preparing and storing breastmilk or formula, cleaning bottles and pump parts, burping, soothing, changing diapers, dressing, and nail care. Moreover, they will help you understand your baby's needs and interpret their cues effectively. Their expertise ensures that you receive the best care and support during this precious time.

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Your night nurse will diligently maintain logs during their shifts, carefully tracking feeding and sleeping patterns, as well as other relevant information and observations. This valuable data will contribute to establishing a healthy routine for your little one. Our newborn care specialists can guide your baby into a routine starting from week one! Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a baby who enjoys restful naps, receives proper nourishment, and sleeps soundly throughout the night. *Please note that it typically takes 4-7 nights a week for sleep conditioning to be effective..*

Your family is unique. So is our postpartum care.

We have experience working with a variety of family structures: If you are having one baby or three. If this is your first child or your tenth. If your family is lgbtq+. If you are adopting or using a surrogate. If you’re a single parent by choice, or if you’re a grandparent, uncle or temporary caregiver. If you’re a cancer survivor, a professional athlete, or just a regular tired parent. Whether you live on an impressive estate, or in a tiny one bedroom apartment.

No matter who you are or how you got here, we are so excited to support YOUR distinctive family dynamic.