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The Nightingales are dedicated to providing exceptional overnight care for families with newborns.

We understand how exhausting having a newborn can be. The Nightingales provide overnight newborn care to relieve sleep-deprived parents from nighttime duties, giving you the energy you need to nurture your baby to the fullest. We offer guidance and support to help you establish nighttime routines and healthy sleep habits as you transition into life with a new baby. We are here for you every step of the way.

Why choose the Nightingales?

It’s simple really. With the Nightingales by your side, not only do you get restful nights, you get our knowledge and experience every step of the way transforming your experience the first few months as a family. Whether this is your first baby or third, you’re a mom with a busy schedule, or a full time professional, getting a good night’s sleep can make all the difference.

Our overnight support services include:

We care for your new family by providing expert support with feeding, initiating and keeping a schedule, swaddling & soothing, breastfeeding support, preparing bottles, bottle & breast pump cleaning, parent education and keeping the nursery tidy.

Ready for a good night’s sleep?

Let’s make that happen!

Nightingale Night Nurses Overnight Baby Care

“Our son was keeping musicians’ hours and taking hours to settle

(We are not Musicians.) We were a bit panicked at the prospect of sleep training and looking for experienced help. Everyone has opinions about babies and the “right” kind of sleep but very few people have Kristin’s years of experience.”
– Jen & Stu

Nights should be restful.

With the Nightingales, they can be. Your Nightingale will arrive between 9-10pm and stay through the night, working an 8-12 hour shift, depending on your family’s needs. She will check in about your day, answer any questions you have. She will then take over care of your newborn(s). If mom is breastfeeding, your baby will be brought to you when they are ready to nurse. Your Nightingale will take care of burping, diaper changes and getting your baby settled and back to sleep. Bottles and pumping parts will be washed before she leaves. You will wake feeling refreshed and be ready for the day ahead. Sound good? click here to get started.

The Nightingales provide in-home Baby Nurses, Night Nurses, Night Nannies and Overnight Doulas for families with newborns. Providing you with the best possible overnight care for your newborn.

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