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If you’re looking for a Boston baby nurse, you’ve come to the right place. That’s what we do!

First, a quick programming note. In February we’re going to blog (roughly) every day. There will be a lot of parenting stories, product advice, and general baby nurse goodness. Some of it will be related to Boston and West Metro, and some will be more general parenting advice. Hopefully you enjoy it. That starts next week.

Back to the Boston baby nurse concept. Why do you need one? Usually these are the big reasons:

  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Tired
  • Want the opportunity to sleep through the night
  • Want more quality time during the day or when you are around

We’ve honestly worked with moms and dads in every context you can imagine, so whatever your initial reason for considering a Boston baby nurse is, we’ve probably seen it or heard it.

Now, in terms of evaluating the baby nurse or overnight nurse you eventually use, this is what we’ve found people rely on:

  • Trusted evaluations from their friends
  • Recommendations/referrals
  • Cost

Cost shouldn’t be No. 1 — this is your child, after all — but we understand it’s a factor, so we made our scheduling and rates pretty transparent. 8-hour shifts are $300 for a single child, $330 for twins, and $360 for triplets. We do 24-hour shifts dependent on availability, and usually we require 6-8 weeks of lead time. (Again, in emergencies we can adjust.)

On the recommendations and references side, we have great ones. Just ask! We’d compare our team to any Boston baby nurse team (or individual) out there.

If you’re interested in considering this, feel free to contact us.

Final thought: there are great night baby nurses all over Boston. We’ve even studied with some of them. But this is your family and your kids and you obviously want the best Boston baby nurse you can find. So do your research, ask your friends/neighbors, and if you’re interested after you do your part, we’d love to work with you!

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