A movie about "the mom bubble"

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It stars Charlize Theron and is out on April 20th.  It’s called Tully.

Here are some details, including:

“Marlo is a woman who tries her best to keep up with the demands of being an attentive mother, a loving wife, and maintaining at least some self-identity through it all. But at the end of the day, she’s human, and she drops the ball a little. Or a lot.”

Here’s the teaser trailer:

The “mom bubble” — feeling like all you are or ever will be defined as is a mom — is very, very, very, (did we mention very?) real for a lot of women, so it’s good to see movie attention being paid to it.

“Tully” is the name of the nanny, and she’s played by Mackenzie Davis, who is underrated in so many movies. (She’s not a mom herself, but has some interesting views on relationships.)

This movie should be a good girlfriends/mom group watch. Go get it.

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