Your family is unique, and so are our services. That's why our team of specialists is dedicated to providing parents in the Massachusetts area with exceptional in-home newborn care.

Newborn Care serving Massachusetts & Cape Cod

Nightingales embarked on its journey to offer newborn care in the beautiful state of Massachusetts, home to iconic landmarks such as the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, and Cape Cod. It's also the birthplace and current home of our owner, it holds a special place in our hearts. Our team of Massachusetts night nurses [newborn care specialists, and postpartum doulas] excel in providing exceptional care for newborns. They possess a deep understanding of baby development and are skilled in various aspects of healthy baby care, including feeding and sleep shaping. While our dedicated RNs and LPNs have extensive training and experience in supporting babies with specific medical needs.

Our team of Massachusetts Newborn Care experts is ready to support your family:

Our team members in Massachusetts are newborn care specialists, postpartum doulas, sleep consultants, RNs and LPNs.

At Nightingales, we are dedicated to supporting new parents every step of the way, providing valuable guidance and unwavering encouragement during the transformative journey of parenthood. Whether you have just learned of your pregnancy or your little one is already eight weeks old, we’re here to help. Our tailored services are designed to align with your goals and budget, ensuring that we meet your needs with utmost care and dedication. 

Our newborn care team can help you with:

  • Getting your newborn on a consistent sleep schedule
  • Overnight feeding (whether bottle or pumped milk, or waking a breastfeeding parent only for feeding)
  • Understanding newborn development
  • Parent education

We support new parents every step of the way to ensure that they have the necessary support to navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Massachusetts Overnight Newborn Care

As parents, prioritizing sufficient sleep is crucial for your well-being. That's why our team of dedicated newborn care specialists and postpartum doulas in Massachusetts are here to provide the essential support you need to ensure you get the rest your body needs.

With a Nightingale by your side, you can finally reclaim those precious nights and experience restful sleep for everyone in the family:

  • Breastfeeding parents can focus solely on feedings, knowing they have unwavering support throughout the long night.
  • Formula feeding parents can peacefully sleep through the Nightingale's entire shift.
  • Pumping parents, our postpartum doula or NCS will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that balances your sleep needs with maintaining your milk supply.

Beyond the immediate benefits, parents who regularly utilize the services of a night nurse will witness their baby sleeping for longer stretches and gaining the ability to rest on their back independently and safely.

Massachusetts 24/7 Newborn and Infant Care

If you need someone to provide day and night support for your family as you navigate parenting a newborn, 24/7 care might be the right choice for you.

A newborn care specialist is a highly trained individual who specializes in caring for newborns and dedicates a significant portion of their time to one family. They can work with your family for the first few weeks or months of your baby's life.

  • They typically work 16-20 hour shifts, 5-7 days a week.
  • The newborn care specialist will travel to your home and typically stay with you 24/7 throughout the duration of their contract with your family.
  • Assignments can range from 2 weeks to 6 months, with most families booking 24/7 newborn care for around 12 weeks (or until their baby is successfully sleeping through the night). Live-in positions last between 8-12 weeks.

A 24/7 newborn care specialist can take over complete care of the infant or work collaboratively with the family to provide education and support. Live-in care is tailored to the needs, wants and goals of the individual family.

Let’s break down the difference between Overnight Newborn Care and 24/7 Live-In Care:


Overnight Newborn Care

Your postpartum expert will work 8-12 hour shifts in your home, while living at their own home between shifts.


24/7 Live-In Newborn Care

Your postpartum expert will work 16-20 hour shifts. They will live-in and travel with your family, including appointments or vacations as needed. They are assigned to a single family for their entire contract.

Whether you choose overnight or 24/7 coverage, our newborn care specialists will:

  • Provide breastfeeding support
  • Prepare bottles, wash bottles and pump parts, and ensure proper breastmilk storage
  • Feed, change and provide overall baby care
  • Establish a healthy overnight sleep environment
  • Restock diapers and wipes & upkeep nursery organization
  • Maintain a log for the duration of their shift, tracking feeding times, number of ounces, diaper changes, etc.

Massachusetts Sleep Training

Our Massachusetts Sleep Consultants offer a comprehensive range of sleep training services for babies and toddlers. We firmly believe in a personalized approach that takes into account the unique needs of both your baby and your family.

  • For babies aged 0-5 months we offer a virtual 30-day service: We work collaboratively to track data and set attainable goals at your baby's own pace. This gentle approach helps establish healthy sleep habits.
  • For babies aged 5 months and older we can offer both in-home sleep training and virtual options. We create a tailor-made plan that caters specifically to your baby, your family, and your comfort. This plan takes into consideration your unique circumstances and aims to achieve better sleep for everyone involved. The duration of sleep training for older babies and toddlers can vary, depending on your family and your baby. We understand that every child is different, and we adapt our approach accordingly.

If you are struggling with sleep issues, you are not alone. We can help. 

Seasoned Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas are in Massachusetts waiting to support your family. Contact us today to find your Massachusetts Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula.

Massachusetts Nanny Placements:

We specialize in providing full-time and live-in nanny placements throughout Massachusetts. Whether you have one newborn or multiple children of different ages, we can help find the ideal nanny for your family. With our extensive knowledge of the Massachusetts nanny market, we know the right questions to ask and the warning signs to watch out for when selecting your nanny. While we typically recommend a lead time of 6-8 weeks, we are still eager to assist you even if you're outside of that timeframe. Your family's satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we will go the extra mile to ensure we find the perfect nanny for you.

Massachusetts Map Newborn Care Services

Massachusetts Postpartum Service Area

Including but not limited to the towns listed below

BRISTOL COUNTY [New Bedford, Attleboro]
ESSEX COUNTY [Marblehead, Andover]
FRANKLIN COUNTY [Deerfield, Conway]
HAMPDEN COUNTY [Springfield, Tolland]
HAMPSHIRE COUNTY [Easthampton, Northampton]
MIDDLESEX COUNTY [Newton, Framingham]
NORFOLK COUNTY [Dedham, Foxborough]
PLYMOUTH COUNTY [Hingham, Plymouth]
SUFFOLK COUNTY [Jamaica Plain, Boston, Charlestown]                                                               WORCESTER [Athol, Uxbridge]

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