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Lovevery Play Gym and Play Kits Review

First off I would like to say that we don’t do sponsored posts, we don’t do paid advertisements, and we don’t accept collaborations with brands that we don’t 100% love. This lovevery play gym and play kits review is completely authentic.

When any expecting/new parent asks me what I recommend for toys there is only one answer. Lovevery.

Play Gym

Their play gym is hands down the best we’ve ever laid hands on. The textures and colors and sounds it makes are varied and created intentionally to entice babies into extending tummy time.

I know it’s expensive, however for $20-$50 more you get something that entertains and grows with your baby vs a blanket with a few toys hanging off it. It has interchangeable parts, sensory strands add-on, and the toys come off for the baby to play with individually. It also converts into a tent for older babies/young toddlers!

Did we mention it’s all organic cotton and looks SO cute in any living room or play area.

love very play gym review

Play Kits

Their play kits are just…perfect. [Can you tell we REALLY love them.]

The toys are very natural with muted but still playful colors. So the toys really catch the eyes of babies without being harsh on our eyes! They’re also made of high quality materials. Think- montessori toys. Wooden and cloth whenever possible/practical.

As someone with a background in development and psychology, I’m really picky about toys. And it’s clear from just looking at their toys that lovevery has a TEAM of experts that assist in creating their play kits. Each item is open ended and can be utilized in many different ways. [My 7 year old recently went to a home and found unique and fun ways to play with some of the items in the 5-6 and 7-8 month kits!]

I also love that they include little booklets with each kit that tells you what your baby should be doing at their age/stage and how to utilize the toys. It can be a lifesaver for someone who doesn’t know where to start with “playing” with a newborn!

lovevery play kit review

Did you know they even sell toddler kits now??

lovevery play kit review

Final Thoughts

I have worked a LOT of developing babies and toddlers…and I have played with a LOT of toys over the past 20 years. I want to assure you that I’m not just some random blogger. Lovevery play gym and play kits are simply the best. They’re worth every penny. I tell parents if they got no other fine motor/small developmental toys for their children then they would still have all that they need in order for their little minds to be nurtured and their little hands to be entertained.

The playkits are also a great gift idea. Put it on your baby registry, or on your wishlist for birthdays and holidays. Grandparents love sending you something fun that your baby will actually use!

Bonus tip: Parents everywhere love lovevery toys and they hold up well over time. Many parents choose to resell their used toys after they are done.

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