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Lactation Support Resources in Naples, FL

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During pregnancy a lot of overwhelming questions come up in regards to medical professionals and which one is right for your growing family. With a myriad of doctors, doulas and midwives parents wade through to find birthing support, choosing lactation support can get lost in the mix. So, how can Florida parents find great lactation support resources in Naples FL?

In an ever evolving industry, it’s important to find someone who supports your personal goals while remaining up to date with developing research and data. There will always be someone with opinions that may not match the goal of a family and advocating for personal feelings, desires and needs is fully within the rights of all parents. 

Finding the right lactation support in Naples FL is akin to buying a new car. Doing research, looking at reviews of the product, asking questions, taking it for a test drive and finding out if it fits the needs of a growing family is something one wouldn’t think twice about when making a large purchase. So why is it so difficult to have the same perspective when inviting someone into your home during a vulnerable time in your life? 

Most hospitals will have a list of lactation consultants, but be vocal about the desire for someone who will fit your overall goals. Local Facebook groups may also be a good place to get input from other parents who have had experiences with someone they loved or can lead you away from unsavory candidates. 

Thrive Lactation Center is one of the top lactation support resources in Naples through in-person or virtual visits. The center has excellent reviews and a variety of consultants to work with. 

The most important thing to remember while moving forward with lactation support is that it should be just that, support. There is no world where parents should be met with judgment or forced to adhere to certain expectations set by someone who should be uplifting and educating. 

At the end of the day, remembering that you are just as important as your newborn and your emotional and physical well being is also something that should be advocated for is what will guide you into finding someone who meets your needs. Trust your gut and remember, you wouldn’t settle for a lemon of a car, so don’t settle for a lemon in your postpartum journey.