Love Notes


From the very first night that we brought our baby home from the hospital, Nightingale Night Nurses was there every step of the way. It was such a wonderful feeling to not only know that our baby was in the safest and most caring hands (other than our own) overnight, but also that we could get a restful night’s sleep. We were never truly prepared for the exhaustion that came with bringing our bundle of joy home with us, but it was overwhelming to say the least. Knowing that at the end of the day, we would have a trusted, knowledgeable Nightingale watching over our baby and helping us get a good night sleep was sometimes all we needed to get us through those early days of exhaustion.

We learned so much from the Nightingales (from swaddling techniques to napping schedules) and are so grateful that they have been a part of our lives. If you are expecting and are considering overnight care, you will not find a better option out there than Nightingales Night Nurses. They are the best!

Joanne & Jonah

"We worked with Nightingales after the birth of our second child. They were supportive, positive and knowledgeable. But their support actually started before the baby was even born. I went into early labor and was put on modified bedrest. Nightingales reassured us that if the baby came early they could step in. We were fortunate that the baby waited until week 39 to join us. Nightingales started the night he came home from the hospital. It was great to be able to have time to connect with our older son and get some sleep between feedings. And to have the reassurance of experts taking care of him. However, the team went above and beyond as my husband travels for work, and I was back in the hospital twice after the birth. Nightingales stayed with our little ones and gave me peace of mind so I could concentrate on getting me back to full health. Nightingales had great advice on common baby ailments and they were so capable in helping us care for my son after a small surgery on his mouth and his circumcision. They were also able to help with breastfeeding, swaddling and when to start tummy time. But most of all - they approach everyone in the family with a deep sense of caring and concern. Celebrating the small joyful moments such as first smiles and giggles and being empathetic with the load that parents carry- particularly while trying to juggle work. It was great also for us to be able to talk with different caregivers and for Kristin to help us navigate to the right fit. We highly recommend Nightingales."

Amanda & Sandy

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