Love Notes


From the very first night that we brought our baby home from the hospital, Nightingale Night Nurses was there every step of the way. It was such a wonderful feeling to not only know that our baby was in the safest and most caring hands (other than our own) overnight, but also that we could get a restful night’s sleep. We were never truly prepared for the exhaustion that came with bringing our bundle of joy home with us, but it was overwhelming to say the least. Knowing that at the end of the day, we would have a trusted, knowledgeable Nightingale watching over our baby and helping us get a good night sleep was sometimes all we needed to get us through those early days of exhaustion.

We learned so much from the Nightingales (from swaddling techniques to napping schedules) and are so grateful that they have been a part of our lives. If you are expecting and are considering overnight care, you will not find a better option out there than Nightingales Night Nurses. They are the best!

Joanne & Jonah

"Being first time parents without family close by we knew we needed help but were also nervous to hand our newborn over to just anyone. Nightingale was recommended to us from an RN. Once we made contact , Kristin got right back to us for a consult and connected us with Dylan. Dylan was truly a beacon of light on the nights she came. Her calm confidence not only helped our baby get excellent sleep through the night it put our minds at ease so we could both get deep sleep as well. Dylan was so fabulous we extended our time with her and Nightengale 2 or 3 times. I can not say enough great things about Dylan and Nightengale. They made it extremely easy to be flexible and extend our service as well as change nights of the week as needed. I highly recommend Nightengale Night Nurses for any new parents. As a mental health clinician I know how important sleep is for mental health and self care. Nightengale and Dylan gave us this gift so we could be functioning, present caregivers for our son in those first few months. That is priceless!"

- Julia & Adrian

"Tara is truly gifted when it comes to taking care of new moms and newborns. Tara immediately put us at ease - she was a delight to converse with by phone in advance of our baby's birth - all the logistics were easy to arrange and she was prompt with communication. When we met her for the first time she was gentle and caring - looking to tend to both baby and mom. She provided excellent care for our newborn and was so helpful in terms of washing, drying and folding household laundry and always offering to fill mom's bedside water bottle. We feel very connected to Tara and are so grateful for her support and services during what is a very vulnerable time in any family's life."

- Sophie W.

"My husband and I highly recommend Nightingale Night Nurses. At surface level, yes, it was a means to help us sleep better. However, it was much more than that. Hiring Gloria was an investment in our overall health, sanity, and education as first time parents. When she walked in the door, we immediately felt at ease with her warm and confident demeanor. She knows her stuff. With 4 kids and years of experience, she has answers and advice for just about any question. I also want to highlight as a company, Nightingale Night Nurses stands out from other night nurse companies. Kristin is highly responsive and very professional when it comes to communication, invoicing, and answering questions. These qualities were priceless because she was able to answer our questions and match us with the perfect night nurse. While the night nurse is who you will interact with the most, knowing that she has a strong support system behind her is very important."

- Tory & Chuck

"It was great having Jill at home with us the first few weeks. She was extremely caring to both me and the baby. Having someone there to support you through breastfeeding and recovery is priceless. The way she cared for our baby was fantastic. She was so loving and took the time to establish a great routine that I could then manage on my own later. On top of that, she was sensitive to and understanding of family dynamics."

- Jennifer

Kristin and her Nightingale were absolute lifesavers. Our initial coverage fell through last minute and Kristin was able to put together a schedule and a duo of two magnificent ladies that were able to provide night care for our newborn. The team of Jenn and Robin were perfect and we would highly recommend either of the ladies. Our little one now sleeps through the night thanks to Jenn and Robin and we highly recommend the Nightingales."

- Kasey & Brendan

The fact that our night nurse was a postpartum doula was really impactful and provided a lot of comfort.

- Allison

"As a brand-new mother of infant twins, Nightingale Nurses saved us. I never wanted a night nurse but the sleep deprivation with twins became too severe and Nightingale Nurses came to the rescue! When emergency struck our family, Nightingale Nurses enabled us to maintain sanity and, most importantly, the health of our babies. Our twins always woke-up happier when the night nurse came because they were fed according to the schedule that we set."

- Nora

"Karen is an absolute life saver! With bags under our eyes and at the ends of our wits, she first came to save us during our first week as new parents. Instantly, her serene confidence and excitement to help newbies like us put us at ease; we knew we had found someone special. Throughout our time working with Karen, she combined the wisdom of her years of expertise with children with her utmost respect for how we want to care for our little one. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found her in this exciting (and sometimes terrifying!) time in our lives. She is a treasure who has taught us so very much. We wholeheartedly recommend her!"

Monica & Colin

"Nightingale Night Nurses was a pleasure to work with! Kristin was extremely responsive to our (somewhat last minute) inquiries about getting help with our new little one and Heather was a complete pro. The first night she was with us our son visibly relaxed as soon as she held him and she allowed us to get some much needed sleep. We were so fortunate to have found the Nightingales!"

Katherine & David

"Gloria was an angel and I felt relieved whenever she walked in the door. She helped me set goals early on and allowed me to relax and truly rest knowing my baby was in her capable hands. When I ran into some challenges breastfeeding, she was able to advise and support me. My son was sleeping beautifully by the time we were done working with Gloria and, while I know all children are different, I am confident that her gentle comforting techniques taught him healthy sleep habits that have lasted long after our time with her."

- Sarah & Ed

My family gave us several nights of overnight nursing as a baby shower present for our second son, and what a gift it was!! Our night nurse Tara was *amazing* - she immediately put us at ease with her calm, competent presence. She took our lead on how we wanted our little man's night to go, but also helped soothe him so that I got far more sleep than I'd have thought possible. I slept incredibly soundly between nursing him, knowing she was watching over him! Such a wonderful gift for a mom - peace of mind, and sleep!!

- Emily

"Tara was absolutely amazing. She really helped, not only did she give me the support I needed after my second child but also helped build my confidence. She is reassuring, gentle, professional, and totally competent. I am someone who has a hard time trusting others to care for my children and after the first night I realized she is totally capable and trustworthy. I really believe she has a special place in her heart for each child she cares for."

- Steph & Sam

"Diane was an absolute pleasure to have in our home! She made the transition from a family of 4 to a family of 5 pretty much seamless. She was so helpful with not only the baby but our older children as well and in general helping with whatever we needed. I was impressed with how wonderful she was with our each of our kids and it’s clear she’s passionate about working with infants. She stayed with us for 10 days and felt like a part of the family! We highly recommend her."

- Amy & Evan

"The Nightingale's had availability on such short notice as well as quality of training and care from their night nurses. Caitlyn was fantastic...she loved our baby and put so much thought and effort into caring for him and his parents!" 

- Samantha & Matt

"Karina and Robin were fantastic. They were truly lifesavers during such a difficult time--both so positive, patient, and caring. I can't tell you enough how much it meant to know either Karina or Robin would be coming, and there would be a break either that day or the next day where we could get a full night of sleep. Beyond that, they were so helpful and taught us so much--it wasn't just getting sleep, we also learned a lot too! They helped us get our daughter on a good schedule, and taught us how to help her sleep better both at night and during the day. Karina in particular was such a huge help when she came for some daytime shifts--she helped us work through a lot of Efthalia's early fussiness (the formula she recommended did the trick I think) and get her to nap better. Even beyond the baby, they both offered me a lot of emotional support and validation which was incredible as I struggled a lot with PPD."

- Christina

"Karina's knowledge and professionalism combined with her warm, kind presence made us very comfortable having her in our home caring for our little one. It was extremely valuable having the peace of mind that I would be able to get good night's rest the evenings she was here. She also went above and beyond by providing a thorough list of product recommendations and even consulting with us and putting together a sleep plan for our 2 year old, who was still struggling with bed time and sleeping through the night."

- Alyson

"We had the great pleasure of working with Robin, who took care of our little boy, Arlo, overnight one or two days a week for nearly three months. Robin was a godsend! It gave us peace of mind to know that Robin was caring for him while we caught up on some much needed sleep. We also really appreciated and benefited from Robin’s helpful observations and recommendations about Arlo’s sleep. Robin is knowledgeable, comforting, and reliable. And she has a wonderful way about her that put us at ease (and probably our baby, too!)."

- Tim & Cat

"Tara was with us for about 8 weeks after the birth of our daughter and in that time it felt like she was part of our little family. Tara was so warm and caring not only towards our baby Delaney, but also towards my husband and myself. She was with us for the first 24 hours we were home from the hospital and my husband and I joke now that we don’t know what we would have done without her. Our baby came home from the hospital with some jaundice and we had to be on a pretty intense feeding schedule. Tara was there to support us every step of the way, providing insight from her vast amount of knowledge and experience, along with care and compassion for us all."

- Kate & Adam

"Kristin replied right away and helped put my mind at ease by scheduling Shannon for our family. Shannon is remarkable! She is extremely thoughtful, positive and knowledgeable. She gave our family support and I felt that she truly cared for my newborn. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! I am very happy that I found Nightingale Night nurses."

- Katie

As you promised, we have loved working with Tara! We will be sad to see her go after this week.

- Taylor & Leigh

"We learned so much from the Nightingales (from swaddling techniques to napping schedules) and are so grateful that they have been a part of our lives. If you are expecting and are considering overnight care, you will not find a better option out there than Nightingales Night Nurses. They are the best!"

- Rebecca

"Jill was with us the first night I came back home from the hospital and provided great care for my newborn for the first month. Her work was super critical for both the baby and me. She is a thought partner for me. Any time I have a question and seek for Jill’s opinion, she would always provide her thoughts but would also emphasize that it is up to us to make the final decision. She also shared great tools. A new swaddle, gummy bear lamp and helped us find a pacifier that was the right fit for our baby. Jill has good work ethics. She always arrived a few minutes early, and she would diligently track the timing of feeding, diaper change, amount of feeding, etc. Besides basic care, she also paid attention to the growth of my baby. My daughter dropped quite some weight in the first 3 days after birth, and we had to visit her pediatrician multiple times to make sure she stopped losing weight. Jill asked me to text her the weight after the doctor visit. When I told her the baby had finally gained weight, she was as happy as I was.

Jill has my endorsement as a caring, competent night nurse who will consistently provide dependable child care for newborns."

- Cui

"Kristin is literally the baby whisperer! Our daughter would literally turn into a different baby (in a good way) the moment Kristin walked into the house. Kristin started coming regularly when our daughter was 2 weeks old. We had her for about 2 months, took a break and then had her come back a few nights per week once I went back to work. She was a huge source of support in the first weeks and months—a time that is most vulnerable and stressful for new parents. She has an extremely calming and grounding presence. She is also a wealth of knowledge (especially after raising 4 children)and manages to share her knowledge in a very judgment free manner. She consistently checked in on days and nights when she wasn’t with us. Now that our daughter is almost 6 months—I still text with her and send her photo updates. I will absolutely schedule Kristin the moment I find out I’m pregnant with my next!"


- Joanna

"Allie took exceptional care of our son from his 1st week all the way to his 12th.  She was always very prompt in getting to our house, she would check in on how my husband and I were doing, and she looked after our little one with great care (always washed her hands, was great at soothing him, sanitized bottle parts, etc.).  Leaving someone alone in your home with your baby is hard to do and Allie made us 100% comfortable."


- Matt & Chrissy

"The quality of your night nurses are outstanding. I was impressed and happy to have someone that had a nursing degree and spent years working in a hospital NICU. My baby did not have any health problems, but it gave me 100% peace of mind to let Jessie take over so I could get some rest. She has a wonderful calming disposition and it was a pleasure to have her taking care of my daughter. I was a little nervous about the thought of having a stranger sleeping in my home the first night, but her demeanor and kindness quickly put me at ease and I was able to relax. She is a phenomenal night nurse and I only wish I could have kept her longer!"

- Courtney & Nick

We choose Nightingale over other people in the market because I had a great initial conversation with Kristin and immediately felt heard, connected and my questions were answered. We are so glad we did as we had a fabulous experience with both out night nurses and with their nanny placement services! Kristin and Karina are amazing at what they do and connected us with support that helped my husband and I get through the first weeks and months of being a new parent! We loved our night nurses! We still keep in touch with them even to this day. They became the "night time" Mom for our daughter and I am forever grateful for their support! For nanny placement Karina is a saint, She answered every question we had and was able to help us figure out exactly what kind of Nanny we were looking for - esp being first-time parents we had no idea what we really wanted! I am so thankful for the whole Nightingale team and am looking forward to our next kid so we can use them again!

- Erin & Nick

Jessie was outstanding. Her gentle, calm demeanor was perfect for what our twins needed. She was knowledgable and helpful during a time when we were both extremely sleep deprived. We would highly recommend Nightingale night nurses to other growing families!

- Kim & Katie

"If you are having a baby use Nightingale Night Nurses! We were lucky enough to work with four different women, Karen, Karina, Jill and Jessie and each one was loving, thoughtful and an expert in her field. Our experience with The Nightingales was so good that we expanded out time with them from 10 days to 3.5 months! Our daughter was sleeping through the night by 3 months and in the process we learnt so much, the safe ways to give a bath, different techniques to encourage development and learning, how to care for our baby, etc. We felt truly comfortable with each of the fabulous women we worked with and are lucky enough to have made true friends with them as well. Kristin, the owner, is amazingly responsive, kind and does backflips to make her clients feel secure and have the schedule that they would like. She is fabulous to work with. We cannot recommend strongly enough that you work with The Nightingales."

- Elizabeth & Jordan

"I'm not sure we can put into words what Cait did for our family of 4. Finding out you are going to be first time parents is stressful enough, but twins left me worried if we could handle it at all. When we met Cait she was warm and supportive in a way I would never could have imagined. Instead of showing me what was best, she always empowered me to know and learn what was best for the twins.She was supportive, and my husband and I credit for allowing us to make it through the sleepless nights. Having Cait made us able to be more present on "our nights" and better parents in general. Nightingales is the most sound investment we have made for our family to date. Kristin was extremely supportive and flexible. We can not recommend the company, and of course Cait more!"

- Kait & Jameson

"While we were expecting, friends recommended a night nurse as the best gift you could ever give yourself. As first-time parents we assumed that meant a few nights of good sleep, but that doesn’t begin to touch it. The gravity of parenthood took us by surprise - the constant awareness that you are responsible for the very survival of what (at first) seems like a very breakable little human - so that even when they sleep, you cannot fully relax. Karen gave us rest when we needed it most - along with patience, advice, humor and guidance. She taught us so much, delivered to boost our confidence and always without judgement. And most importantly, she was, from the first moment, the safest pair of hands imaginable for us to entrust our little human."

- Liza

"I was so fortunate to have Vanessa’s help with my newborn our first week home. She is so compassionate and supportive. It was very clear to me right away that she really loves babies. Vanessa provide great support on nursing, infant bathing, and remedies for baby’s upset tummy. As a single mom this service was the best gift I could give myself and my child."

- Kimberly

"We learned so much from the Nightingales (from swaddling techniques to napping schedules) and are so grateful that they have been a part of our lives. If you are expecting and are considering overnight care, you will not find a better option out there than Nightingales Night Nurses. They are the best!"

- Liana & George

"We used Gloria as a sleep consultant and a night nurse—this was a very unique experience as many sleep consultants don’t even meet your child, but Gloria not only met our baby, she also had the opportunity to observe her patterns at night and help give recommendations based on what she saw. Once she was no longer spending nights with us, she continued to check in daily to find out how our daughter was doing and give advice based on the progress she was making. We really appreciated how she respected our desires to “gently” sleep train and not just let her cry it out. Over the 2 weeks we worked with Gloria we saw a marked improvement in the number of wake-ups."

- Joanna

Kristin is the best! You do not need to look any further. Always on time, always there to help, and when mom needs sleep more than anything, she is trustworthy. This is the night nurse you can welcome in your home. Absolutely the best.

- Melissa & Chris

"We used Nightingale Night Nurses to help with two overnights for our 13 week old during my first week back to work after maternity leave. Our nurse, Toireasa, was amazing! I was concerned that our challenging sleeper wouldn't take to someone other than mom or dad at night, but Toireasa knew exactly how to soothe him, while also teaching him how to self-soothe. After two nights under her care, he's going to sleep on his own and I'm finally getting more than 2 hour stretches of sleep!"-


"We were beyond pleased with our experience with Tara. She always arrived on time, and jumped right in to caring for Delaney. If Delaney was fussy or having trouble getting to sleep, Tara would work her magic and pretty much immediately soothe and calm her. I swear she has a super power! Beyond her expert care of Laney, she was also a wonderful resource for Adam and I, answering questions and giving her advice whenever we needed it. We highly recommend Tara and Nightingale Nurses!"

- Adam & Kate

"We worked with Nightingales after the birth of our second child. They were supportive, positive and knowledgeable. But their support actually started before the baby was even born. I went into early labor and was put on modified bedrest. Nightingales reassured us that if the baby came early they could step in. We were fortunate that the baby waited until week 39 to join us. Nightingales started the night he came home from the hospital. It was great to be able to have time to connect with our older son and get some sleep between feedings. And to have the reassurance of experts taking care of him. However, the team went above and beyond as my husband travels for work, and I was back in the hospital twice after the birth. Nightingales stayed with our little ones and gave me peace of mind so I could concentrate on getting me back to full health. Nightingales had great advice on common baby ailments and they were so capable in helping us care for my son after a small surgery on his mouth and his circumcision. They were also able to help with breastfeeding, swaddling and when to start tummy time. But most of all - they approach everyone in the family with a deep sense of caring and concern. Celebrating the small joyful moments such as first smiles and giggles and being empathetic with the load that parents carry- particularly while trying to juggle work. It was great also for us to be able to talk with different caregivers and for Kristin to help us navigate to the right fit. We highly recommend Nightingales."

Amanda & Sandy

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