Kelly Bottari Postpartum Doula

Kelly Bottari 2

With the birth of her son 15 years ago, Kelly began with what would turn into an immediate passion for all the intricacies of pregnancy, birth, newborn care, and bringing a baby into this world. Kelly continuously strives to increase her knowledge so that she may provide you with the best care for your needs.

Kelly is an outgoing, friendly and adventurous person. Sh loves meeting new people, going different places, and making friends. Kelly strives to make people around her feel comfortable, important and at ease in her presence. As a mom of four, being caring and nurturing comes naturally. Nothing gives Kelly greater pleasure than to be a reason someone smiles during their day.

She feels it is an absolute honor to be able to enhance your experience by supporting you in your own empowering journey.

Background and Training

  • Certified Postpartum Doula
  • Certified Birth Doula
  • Infant CPR certified
  • Certified in Placenta Encapsulation
  • Childbirth Education
  • Lactation Counselor

Home + Family

Kelly makes her home is Western MA with her husnad Marty, and for kids, Christian 15, Brogan 8, Adilyn 7 and Brielle 4. She is a warm, caring person and touts a great sense of humor. Her personality, education, and experience, will provide you the very best in your care.

Kelly provides postpartum doula care in Central and Western MA.

"The team at Nightingale Nurses is amazing! Two different women helped care for our 2-month old Jack out in the Berkshires so that 
my husband and I could enjoy a worry-free wedding weekend with our good friends. Both Jean and Kelly were incredible! They were 
responsive, timely, and amazing with our little boy. I would work with them again in a heart beat! Thank you Nightingale Nurses!"




"My husband and I have very busy careers running an online retail business. I cannot function if I do not get good sleep, and for me waking up at night every two hours and running the business during the day just wasn't an option.  Having The Nightingales help us with our newborn baby took a lot of the stress out of the first three months after she was born. I liked  that Kelly was an experienced mom and my little baby was very comfortable around them from the start.

Thanks to the Nightingales, I did not have to stop working at all after having my baby and getting rest during the night after sleepless nights at the hospital was just great. Kelly always showed up on time, we never had her cancel a shift and knowing that I can rely on her always gave me a lot of comfort.
Thanks to the Nightingales for the help and the support and if we have another baby we will hire them again without hesitation."

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