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National Nanny Recognition Week!

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Did you know that every year in September there is a national nanny recognition week? You likely love and appreciate your nanny [if you don’t, I’d suggest finding another!]. However, you’re at work all day, and when you get home you just want to rush into the arms of your children! Bye nanny! It’s fine, your nanny knows she’s doing a good job…or does she? Most nannies spend a significant amount of time in a family’s home, with their children. It’s easy to slip into a positive, friendly relationship, while forgetting that this person is your employee.

Nannies don’t have coworkers, they don’t have clear deadlines or even clear markers on what constitutes as doing a “good job”. We highly recommend an annual review with your nanny. Where everyone comes to the table as respectful professionals and talks about what is working well, and what could be worked on in the next year. A positive review can mean the world to a nanny that spent the day cleaning crayon off the table and goes home smelling of foul milk. Reviews are motivating, and encouraging. Work satisfaction is a HUGE factor in a nanny staying with her family long term and not going home and scanning the job boards.

This National Nanny Recognition Week, let your nanny know that you see her. You see what she is doing day in and day out. [You REALLY see it on Sunday afternoons after being in the trenches all weekend.] This one week out of the year is a gentle reminder to say/show what you already feel.

  • Some easy, inexpensive suggestions on how to recognize your nanny:
  • A heartfelt letter of recommendation that she can put in her portfolio for the future [can be added to any options below]
  • Gift card to a place she frequents- coffee is usually a hit
  • Offer to have her lunch delivered to work from the restaurant of her choosing
  • Flowers
  • An afternoon off, paid
  • Membership to the International Nanny Association
  • A kid free dinner at a restaurant with parents and nanny [if you have this type of relationship] It’s a nice way to catch up
  • Finally- A bonus or a pay bump- if you really get to thinking about how integral your nanny is to your family system, make sure you are paying her a respectful livable wage.

Do you show your appreciation another way? Tell us, we’d love to hear!

national nanny recognition week