Welcoming a newborn is a magical experience, but it can also be exhausting! At Nightingales, we understand the challenges that come with welcoming home a newborn. That's why we offer comprehensive in-home newborn care services to help parents find peace of mind and build confidence. Our trained expert and qualified Night Nurses, Postpartum Doulas, and Newborn Care Specialists are ready and available to support you on your journey.

Newborn Care serving Chicago, Illinois

Our Chicago team is ready to support your growing family!  If you live in Winnetka along Michigan’s Northern Shore, if you are tucked into an apartment in Old Town, have views of Lincoln Park, are in Hyde Park on the south side of the lake or right outside Chicago in Oak Park, our team of newborn Care Specialists, Night Nurses and Postpartum Doula’s are here to help!

Our team of Chicago Newborn Care experts is ready to support your family:

At Nightingale Night Nurses, our team of experts is composed of experienced and qualified professionals specializing in newborn care. We have Postpartum Doulas, Sleep Consultants, and Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses (RNs and LPNs) who are well-versed in all aspects of ensuring a healthy start for your baby.

We firmly believe that every family in Illinois deserves support during their first few months with a newborn. Our Chicago team is dedicated to providing guidance and encouragement starting from pregnancy and through the duration of infancy. 

Some things our newborn care team can help you with:

  • Educating you on safe and healthy sleep practices and setups for your baby
  • Feeding support and education (whether your baby is bottle fed formula, breastfeeding or you are pumping and bottle feeding breastmilk.)
  • Serving as a reliable source of information, guidance and comfort
  • Empowering you to feel confident in your new role

We work hand in hand with new parents in Illinois to ensure that they have the necessary support to navigate the joys and challenges of new parenthood.

Chicago Overnight Newborn Care

As a new parent, prioritizing sufficient sleep is essential for your physical and mental well-being. Thankfully, we have services available to assist you in getting the rest you need while ensuring excellent care for your baby.

In Illinois, you’ll find our team of trained and experienced Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, and Registered and Licensed Baby Nurses who can provide overnight newborn care.

  • Sleep: Adequate rest is crucial for new parents to heal, recover and thrive. Additionally, we set up newborns for success using our skills in newborn sleep conditioning to teach them to sleep to the best of their ability.
  • Safety: We will educate you on setting up the nursery, and ensure your baby is sleeping safely on their back overnight, following all AAP safe sleep guidelines.
  • Support: We hold your hands every step of the way. Our Newborn Care Specialists are your experts, ready to answer any questions you may have about caring for your newborn.

Our thoroughly vetted overnight support team all undergo background checks and detailed reference checks. You can feel completely reassured that your baby is in safe hands.

Chicago 24/7 Newborn and Infant Care

Parents looking for more comprehensive care will explore 24/7 in-home newborn care. A Newborn Care Specialist is a highly trained individual who specializes in caring for newborns and dedicates a significant portion of their time to one family. They provide invaluable guidance and support during your first weeks or months home from the hospital.

  • Your Newborn Care Specialist will travel to your home in Illinois and stay with your family throughout the duration of your contract.
  • A typical shift is 16-20 hours, with the 24/7 night nurse resting and recharging in a private space for the other 4-8 hours.
  • A typical length of stay is 6-12 weeks, but some parents book as little as 2 weeks while others book the first six months until they are ready for a less-specialized child care arrangement.

Each 24/7 newborn care position is unique to fit your family’s needs and goals. The Newborn Care Specialist can completely take over care, or can work collaboratively with the family imparting education and support while working alongside you as a support partner.

Let’s break down the difference between Overnight Newborn Care and 24/7 Live-In Care:


Overnight Newborn Care

Your postpartum expert will work 8-12 hour shifts in your home, while living at their own home between shifts.


24/7 Live-In Newborn Care

Your postpartum expert will work 16-20 hour shifts. They will live-in and travel with your family, including appointments or vacations as needed. They are assigned to a single family for their entire contract.

Whether you choose overnight or 24/7 coverage, our newborn care specialists will:

  • Provide breastfeeding support
  • Prepare bottles, wash bottles and pump parts, and ensure proper breastmilk storage
  • Feed, change and provide overall baby care
  • Establish a healthy overnight sleep environment
  • Restock diapers and wipes & upkeep nursery organization
  • Maintain a log for the duration of their shift, tracking feeding times, number of ounces, diaper changes, etc.

Our team members in Chicago are Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, Sleep Consultants, RNs and LPNs.

Baby Sleep Training & Sleep Consulting in Chicago:

Our qualified and experienced Chicago Sleep Consultants offer personalized, comprehensive and easy to follow virtual sleep plans. Sleep does not have to be a struggle! We specialize in helping parents overcome the challenges of getting their babies to sleep. Our custom programs are tailored to your baby's needs, your family's lifestyle, and your comfort.

For babies aged 0-5 months: We figure out where your baby is at, and work collaboratively to encourage them towards your goals. Newborns are never left to cry unattended nor are they left hungry or uncomfortable.

For babies aged 5 months and older: We create and then achieve attainable goals quickly, gently and efficiently as possible by breaking down unhealthy habits and sleep associations.

We’ve never had a family regret hiring us for sleep training, only many that wish they did it sooner! Schedule a free consultation to learn more about if we would be a good fit for your unique family preferences and goals.

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