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Hey y’all.

General plan I’m thinking for June: since next weekend is Father’s Day, I’ll do a post about two elements of that — how to “treat your man” and/or what to do if the father isn’t in the picture. Should be interesting.

After that I think I’ll do a post about nighttime routines for babies, because we’ve been getting a lot of questions about that.

But for now, I wanted to touch on how we set our pricing out, because we get some questions about that too.

The two sides of pricing (somewhat funny)

Since I started this business, I’ve had a lot of people who see the pricing and say “Yes, I’m in!” immediately. And I’ve had a few people who say “Wait, what? No!” immediately. Those are the extremes, sure — but they’re also the most common. I don’t get as many responses in the middle. Always found that interesting/funny.

The pricing structure

You can find our scheduling and rates here. We’re available for minimum eight-hour shifts between 8pm-8am. (24-hour shifts are available, although by request and availability — and we ask for some lead time, including up to two months, for those.)

For a single child, it’s $320 for the 8 hours, which equates to about $40 per hour.

There wasn’t necessarily any magical math formula to come up with this. I looked at what other services in the area and nationally were pricing. I also looked on some “gig economy” type websites, where I saw digital marketing consultants saying $150/hour. It seemed to me that “good SEO strategy” and “sleep well for a night as a new parent” were hard to compare, sure, but I wasn’t going to push $150/hour here.

In the end, $300 for a single child seemed fair.

Average salaries in Boston obviously vary by profession, but the average seems to be around $75,000. That means you make $36.06 per hour. So essentially, you’re taking eight hours — a standard workday — and turning that into money for child care for that night. Seems decently fair, right?

Questions/concerns on the pricing structure

If you have some, definitely contact us. We’d love to hear from you and see if we can meet your needs.

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