How to Keep Your Baby Warm in a Stroller in NYC

How to Keep Your Baby Warm in a Stroller in NYC

Are you having a baby in New York City this winter? New York City winters can be beautiful but brutal, especially when it comes to keeping your baby warm in a stroller during outdoor walks. Keeping your baby warm in NYC winters can feel intimidating, but with planning and the right gear, it’s absolutely doable. Here are some tips on how to keep your baby warm in a stroller in winter in NYC.

Layering is Key

Dress your baby in layers to provide insulation and warmth. Layering in breathable materials allows your baby to stay comfortable and gives you the option to reduce or increase their layers as needed throughout the day.

Clothing made from natural materials, such as wool or cotton, is ideal for keeping your baby warm, while windproof and waterproof layers work well for outer layers. According the the AAP, it’s best to dress your baby in one more layer than you would dress yourself. Make sure to include:

  • A base layer: This keeps your baby dry. A long-sleeved Merino wool onesie or thermal underwear work best on the coldest days. This layer should be breathable and well-fitting, allowing moisture to wick away from your baby’s skin to prevent them from getting wet and cold.
  • A middle layer: This keeps your baby warm. A fleece bodysuit works great to keep warmth in without trapping moisture. A warm sweater / pants set also works well for this layer.
  • An outer layer: A waterproof jacket or snowsuit to protect against wind and rain. Some lined buntings may suffice as both a middle and outer layer, with the right conditions and base layer. Depending on your stroller accessories as discussed below, you may not need a waterproof outer layer while your baby is strapped in, but you’ll want to bring one to put on them if you’ll be taking them out of the stroller outdoors.

Don’t forget to cover your baby’s hands with mittens and their head with a warm hat that covers their ears. Wool socks and booties help protect tiny toes from the cold.

Use a Stroller Cover

Invest in a universal stroller cover / footmuff to insulate your baby against the elements. This is one of the tops ways how to keep your baby warm in winter in NYC. A footmuff with wool and/or down will keep your baby nice and toasty even on the coldest, windiest days.

Protect Against Wind and Rain

Consider purchasing a universal wind and rain cover to protect your baby against the elements. This is a helpful and affordable way to keep your baby warm in a stroller in NYC winters.


Consider babywearing as an alternative to using a stroller during cold weather. Babywearing keeps your baby close to your body, allowing your body heat to keep them warm. A babywearing jacket completes the ensemble by keeping both of you cozy and warm.

More Tips to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter

When planning how to keep your baby warm in winter in NYC, there are some additional tips to keep in mind.

  • To avoid windburn on your baby’s face, consider applying lanolin or a petroleum based product before you head out into the cold.
  • Whenever possible, store your stroller inside in the warmth before transferring your baby into it.
  • Pack extra clothes for your baby. Babies excel at finding ways to get their clothing wet, which can quickly lead to a chill when paired with NYC winters.
  • Pack an extra blanket just in case. A wool, fleece, or sherpa-backed baby blanket is versatile and helpful to have on not just to keep your baby warm. You can use it as an impromptu nursing cover, changing pad, and more!
  • Don’t forget to prepare to keep yourself warm in NYC winters with a baby, too! Try a pair of stroller hand muffs that attach right to the stroller handlebars.

Keep Your Baby Warm in a Stroller in Winter

It’s not always easy to know how to keep a baby warm in a stroller in winter in NYC. NYC parents rely heavily on their stroller and it’s helpful to have options when going for stroller walks in winter. With proper clothing layers, stroller accessories like footmuffs and stroller rain covers, and a few key safety tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying winter stroller walks in NYC with your baby.