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How to Find a Local Pregnancy Support Group in Orlando

Are you newly pregnant or a veteran parent? No matter the stage of pregnancy, having a solid support system is important for your mental and physical well being. There are many unknowns of pregnancy month to month and every pregnancy is different, so having like-minded professionals and peers can help you to feel more comfortable throughout pregnancy and into the fourth trimester, or postpartum, lifestyle. 

Looking for support groups can be a daunting task, with options ranging from social media to in person groups. The most important thing to recognize is that your needs may not be met in a certain group and that shopping around is part of the process. Here’s how to find a pregnancy support group in Orlando, FL.

How to Find a Pregnancy Support Group in Orlando FL

  1. Facebook- Let’s face it, social media is a huge part of our current world. Though it can be scary or overwhelming to join a group with thousands of followers, the fact is that you can always join and check out if posts are helpful before moving on to a new group that may better fit your needs. 
  2. Mothers Matter: This weekly class is held at the Arnold Palmer hospital, 89 West Copeland Dr., 3rd Floor. The meetings are for both pregnant and postpartum mothers and go over a variety of topics from basic worries to postpartum stress. Reservations are required and there are no fees. 
  3. Life Counseling Solutions: This center specializes in therapeutic meetings to help alleviate worries while pregnant. Reservations are required and fees are on a sliding scale.  
  4. Speak to your OB about local groups as well, offices will often have a pre approved list of support groups that fit your parenting and pregnancy style.

Becoming a parent doesn’t have to be full of worries. Having a group that supports and uplifts you while alleviating your fears is only a phone call or click away. Remember, your comfort is the most important thing and finding the right fit is something that may take popping into a few groups. Your people are out there, and you deserve to find them.