How Newborn Care Specialists Can Help New Parents Sleep

How Newborn Care Specialists Can Help New Parents Sleep

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New parenthood comes with many joys and challenges. Second only to the overwhelming rush of pure love for your new baby is the utter exhaustion that steadily builds throughout the newborn phase. Newborn babies need to eat at least every 3 hours, day and night. Between feeding, changing, burping and soothing – the endless loop of newborn care can result in next to zero time for parents to catch any sleep themselves. That’s why new parenthood is not meant to be a solo – or duo – act. Newborn Care Specialists arrive on the scene with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to put new parents at ease – and put babies and parents alike right to sleep! Read on to learn how Newborn Care Specialists help new parents sleep.

They provide reprieve 

The #1 direct way how Newborn Care Specialists help new parents sleep is by providing excellent newborn care. NCS’s know all the tricks to soothe a fussy baby and help them get the sleep they need. On a day shift, the NCS can swoop in and swaddle up that baby while parents tiptoe off for a much-needed nap. On a night shift, NCS’s can take over baby care to whatever level parents desire, such as bringing baby to mom to nurse and then burping and soothing baby back to sleep, or taking over bottle feeding and all overniht newborn care so parents can get a full night’s rest. Babies need a ton of hands-on care, and Newborn Care Specialists have that magic touch to settle babies right down. 

They provide sleep conditioning 

The best part is, while the Newborn Care Specialist cares for the baby, she’s providing more than reprieve. The NCS knows all about healthy sleep habits and how to establish a good routine from day one. When your baby has a NCS as part of the loving team of adults who care for her, she’ll experience the joy of sound sleep from the get-go. NCS’s help parents set up a soothing, safe sleep environment and get your baby comfortable sleeping on her own, swaddled in a crib or bassinet. The NCS is your expert baby sleep coach, teaching your baby to love the feeling of gently falling asleep on their own. The NCS also helps your baby get back to sleep when she’s in between sleep cycles and doesn’t yet need a feeding. The Newborn Care Specialist prevents the fighting-sleep battles, cranky overtiredness, and stubborn sleep crutches before they can start. That means that most babies with consistent sleep conditioning in the newborn phase do not require formal sleep training later on.

They educate parents

Many parents watch the NCS handle and soothe their baby with pure awe. “How did you do that?! Why does she sleep so well for you?!” they ask in bewilderment. Yes, NCS’s have that magic touch – but it’s not just magic. It’s science, experience, and a contagious calm attitude that babies love. NCS’s know all about the science of infant sleep and how to prevent bad sleep habits before they begin. New parents often innocently approach baby care with an attitude of “this kid will never sleep on her own,” but NCS’s know that all babies can be gently taught to sleep well. The Newborn Care Specialist’s job is to impart this wisdom and confidence along to the parents during their time together. She helps parents get into a good rhythm with feeding, bonding, and sleeping so that their little one learns when it’s time to be active, and when it’s time to rest. The Newborn Care Specialist also teaches parents about their newborn’s cues like how to tell when they’re hungry, tired, or otherwise uncomfortable. NCS’s also teach the direct baby care that new parents crave, like expert hands-on swaddling tips and burping positions that no Youtube video can replace. With a solid handle on newborn care and cues, and a predictable rhythm to follow, better sleep follows for the whole family – babies and parents alike. 

Newborn Care Specialists Help the Whole Family Sleep

Sleep begets sleep. The better rested you are, the better you can parent your baby and teach them how to sleep independently. Overtired parents of newborns often have overtired babies on their hands, too, leading to a whole household of cranky and exhausted people. Newborn Care Specialists provide the hands-on care, education, and calm energy needed to help the whole family relax and get into a good routine together. With direct newborn care, expert sleep conditioning, parent education, and that key ingredient of a trusting attitude, NCS’s help new parents and babies get the much-deserved sleep they need to thrive.