What is a night nurse???

A night nurse [aka baby nurse or night nanny] is a specialist who is typically experienced and trained in newborn care. Not all night nurses are created equal. At Nightingales we only work with those who are trained through a qualified Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula training and/or are RN/LPNs. Night nurse is actually an antiquated/outdated term, but it is what parents know to ask for when seeking out overnight care for their newborn.

In addition to specialized training, at Nightingales all of our team members have CPR, insurance, years of experience, reference and background checks. If you are looking to hire a night nurse privately, make sure you are asking the right questions.]

This page reviews general Night Nurse Costs in the US. Please reach out to discuss the Nightingale rate in your area.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming, especially for first time parents. One option to consider is hiring a night nurse to help with your newborn’s care. But how much does a night nurse cost?

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How much does a night nurse cost?

Loosely- a night nurse can cost anywhere between $30-$60 an hour. In some areas, some who are just starting out might charge less, and in other areas, an experienced night nurse may charge more.

A typical overnight shift ranges from 8-12 hours. It is standard to pay your night nurse hourly and not a flat rate. Parents can hire a night nurse one night a week for four weeks, or a full seven nights a week for six months. It’s up to the family to decide what works best with their budget, goals and sleep needs.

Depending on where you live you may also need to consider hiring your night nurse as a W2 household employee, which comes with its own costs and responsibilities.

Curious about the cost of 24/7 newborn care?

24/7 live-in care costs range in the same way as overnight care: $30-$60 an hour for 16-20 hour shifts. 24/7 night nurses, provide round-the-clock care but typically require a 4-8 hour break each day. This break is usually unpaid.

The stereotypical “New York baby nurse” might charge a flat live-in rate, but these individuals are often not officially trained and might not be up to date on AAP safe sleep guidelines, might not be able to accept payment legally, and may not have your baby on a healthy sleep schedule at the end of their contract.

Those who work without any scheduled breaks, commonly known as “true 24/7s,” may charge a higher hourly rate.

Additionally, when hiring 24/7 live-in care, it is important to consider potential travel expenses and industry-standard food costs. Providing either a daily stipend or including meals/purchasing take-out is typically requested.

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Why does the cost of a night nurse vary so much?

Agencies typically charge more than individuals because they typically have a more streamlined customer service experience, are more likely to have reviews and feedback that you can research, and they typically have backup care and an emergency plan.

If your baby has medical needs, if you are looking for awake care, or if you have special/unique circumstances this can change the rate.

Fluctuations in market competitiveness can occasionally impact the cost.

Rates change depending on where in the country you live. They can even vary city to city. They can vary $20 an hour or more from state to state! For example, in some areas of California you can expect to pay up to $80 an hour for a highly experienced night nurse who has experience with high-profile clients.

Their level of experience, trainings and specializations.

Twins and multiples will increase the rate. Typically $5-$15 an hour more.

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What does Nightingale Night Nurses charge for newborn care?

Our healthy baby team is comprised of the best night nurses [Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, RNs and LPNs] in each area that we service. We offer competitive hourly rates that reflect the exceptional quality of our team members and the professionalism of our agency.

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