Should you hire a professional organizer to get ready for a new baby?

Some do this, because they’re worried about getting everything set up and how their life might change in the process. It’s natural. Having had a kid, I’d say maybe the three or four biggest things that shift your life are marriage, home ownership, and having a kid — and having a kid way outstrips the other two, honestly.

If you are considering the idea of a professional organizer pre-baby, I have two recommendations for you.

First up is Randi BaleHere’s how she defines her at-home services:

  • De-cluttering and organizing your home so you can find things and get things done.
  • Designing a place for you to live that you are proud of, so you don’t feel embarrassed when people visit your home.
  • Cleaning out your life of unhealthy habits for you to stop feeling exhausted, day after day!
  • Assembling your wardrobe for you to dress for success in life, love and business.
  • Structuring your schedule, so you stop being late all the time.
  • Assisting you (and taking the lead) getting home and work projects completed and off your plate.

It’s a bit like Lisa’s Hands of Time, too.

OK, so call up Randi. She’s great and can help you get everything prepped for the new arrival.

Another option: P.O.S.H., or Professional Organizing Services by Heidi.

Here’s how they define out:

  • Our clients state they can locate personal belongings 25% faster after utilizing our services.
  • Most residential clients find they have an average of three more hours of free time per week after hiring POSH
  • Clients report feeling less stressed, more balanced and happier overall after working with POSH and feel thrilled to have worked with us.

Both are great services, and will help prepare for the newborn. Consider reaching out.

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