The Fine Print

Our team of newborn care professionals are thrilled to provide your family with comprehensive newborn care in New England and around the U.S.A. Our team is growing, and ready to be a part of your family's story. Our services include Overnight Newborn Care, 24 hour Care, High Needs Medical Care and support for High Profile families.

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Why work with the Nightingales?

  • Personalized Process

We are not a one size fits all agency. We don’t just send you any night nurse, each placement is unique and customized for the special family it serves. Let us connect you with a night nurse who specifically fits your needs through a trusted and unique personalized placement process based off of three components; your intake form, your consult with Kristin (either phone or in person) and your favorite color.

  • Quality Coverage

We can ensure that you always have quality care you can count on! We take a team approach and have a built in backup system. With a team of 30 Nightingales, we are able to offer backup support if your regular support person is sick, has a family emergency or a scheduling conflict. We do our best to make last minute requests happen but our backup is system is based on availability. We do not offer backup support during inclement weather.

  • Ongoing Support

Our skilled and compassionate newborn care professionals will give you in-home hands on support as you transition into life with a newborn. In the event that you have questions during the day, we are happy to answer questions by phone, text or email. We value the time of our team members and if your calls or texts take more than a n hour of their time then a $40/hr fee is applied to your next bill. Daytime support is available for a minimum of 4 hours per visit.

Peace of Mind

We strive to offer the most reliable and trustworthy team of Overnight Doulas, Night Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists and Baby Nurses, all meticulously selected by Kristin, founder of Nightingale Night Nurses. All Nightingales have gone through extensive background checks which include:

  • 1 Verified references
  • 2 CORI screening
  • 3 Name & SS verification