postpartum doula near me

Find a Postpartum Doula Near Me

Are you a parent looking for support during the postpartum period? Maybe you are looking for someone to help when your baby arrives, or maybe your baby is already here! A postpartum doula can provide you with the care and guidance that all parents need during this time.

postpartum doula near me

What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula is a professional that has been trained in supporting the transition to new parenthood. Here are some examples of what a postpartum doula can provide:

  • Emotional support
  • Breastfeeding assistance
  • Help with light household tasks [laundry, meal prep, dishes]
  • Daytime support
  • Nighttime support
  • Guidance and education on your newborn
  • Practical advice on packing a diaper bag, setting up a nursery or storing pump parts

Ways to find a postpartum doula near you:

  1. You can start by checking with professional organizations that offer training and certification for postpartum doulas. Some organizations such as DONA and CAPPA keep a registry of the doulas that have trained through them. Some states have a list of all doulas that register in their state [For example: In Rhode Island, they have an organization called DORI].
  2. Another option is to ask for recommendations from your healthcare provider, friends, or family members who have used a postpartum doula in the past. They may be able to provide you with a referral to a doula they trust and recommend.
  3. Sometimes a google search of “postpartum doulas near me” can bring up websites of individuals and agencies in your area. If you are hiring an individual, make sure you do your due diligence on vetting them and looking at reviews.
  4. Hiring through an agency. This is our favorite because, well, this is what we do! We have an extensive and rigorous application process for our postpartum doulas. And when we talk to parents we can match them with a doula who we feel like will be the best all around fit! Parents have peace of mind that the person is thoroughly vetted, that there is a contract and the process will feel both personal but also professional and organized. If you are in and of the following states, please feel free to contact us!:

Remember, finding the right postpartum doula near you is important, so take the time to research and interview potential doulas to find the one that is the best fit for you and your family. With the right support, you can have a smoother transition into parenthood and enjoy this special time with your new baby.