Father's Day ideas

8 quick, easy, and dirty (?!?) Father's Day ideas

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Father’s Day 2017 is this Sunday, so it feels like a good time for some Father’s Day ideas. Let’s roll!

Breakfast in bed: I kind of hate how this is usually thought of as, or reserved for, a Mother’s Day thing. Dads work hard too, whether that’s at the office or parenting or both. They deserve a little pampering sometimes. I mean, like … don’t we all?

Man cave day: There’s really not a ton of sports on these days aside from baseball (NBA/NHL now over), but give him a day of “man cave” time. I don’t care if he’s watching his favorite 1980s movies, building a cabinet (which might benefit the whole household), or drinking double IPAs all day. Let him have it. (Especially if he did something equivalent on Mother’s Day.)

Have the kids make gifts: In this era of Amazon, it’s so easy to go online, click once, get a tie/book or whatever, get it sent to the house, and present it Sunday morning. Thing is, that’s lazy. The “holiday” is called Father’s Day. That means he is being celebrated because he’s a father. So the kids should be involved in the creation of the gift somehow. That would seem to make sense. Art projects are easy, but there are other cool ideas. Maybe have the kids research what the dad’s name means (like old-school meaning of the name, i.e. where did it come from?) and make a poster about it. You can do research on the meaning of names online.

Make dinner together: Again, pretty easy to get a reservation in Boston or wherever you live. You can do it right from your phone. But making dinner together can involve the kids, all of you, and a shared activity. Isn’t that what these types of holidays are supposed to be about?

Have sex: I don’t like Father’s/Mother’s Day lists that don’t include this. If you’re going to celebrate him as a father, well, might as well go back to the act that made him a father. We have this narrative in society that guys are obsessed with sex, and maybe in some cases, that’s true. But this one benefits you both ideally. So go get it.

Make him a mixtape: That’s a throwback, right? If you know his favorite music, or you and the kids do, well… do it!

Outdoor activity: It’s probably going to be hot in many parts of America on Sunday. But consider doing something outside (if it doesn’t impact the man cave idea above). You could go for a hike (morning?), hit the zoo, hit a museum, maybe see a movie, walk around a downtown area, park picnic, etc. Just consider getting out of the house — if he wants to.

Tell him what he means to you: Say something nice in the morning about his role in the family as provider, protector, etc. Mean it. Be open, honest, and transparent.

Bonus: What happens if the father isn’t around? This is going to vary by situation and family, but try to involve the father if (a) the father wants to be involved and (b) the kid(s) is ready for that involvement. It feels like a time of year (maybe the one time) where the dad should get some face time or voice time — but of course, it is going to vary by situation and want on each side.

What else have you all done for Father’s Day?

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