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EMF exposure and babies

You may have heard something of the buzzword EMF. But what about EMF exposure and babies?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. Everything electronic creates EMF exposure, and some release more than others. It’s easier to think of it as energy being released that floats through the air. That energy can affect us in a multitude of negative ways. More research needs to be done, for sure. We don’t know what safe levels of EMFs are for adults, pregnant adults, children or infants.

We do know that EMFs have been shown to affect our cells on a DNA level. NBCI study The WHO is concerned with childhood cancer and delayed development.WHO   Other potential concerns are headaches, anxiety, brain fog, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, frequent illnesses, and the list goes on.

Because there is so much unknown, many are worried that their babies are being test subjects for this new world of wifi.

If you are concerned, here’s a few easy and free things you can do:


  • Have your router far away from the baby’s room, and turn off wifi for the house at night.
  • Look for monitors with low EMF ratings [Audio only, Nest and Nannit are good options]
  • Don’t let your baby play with your phone or a tablet. If they are facetiming relatives make sure that you are holding the phone/ipad or that it is propped up. Try to limit screen time in general.
  • Contact with the ground helps alleviate the body of EMF stress. I know it sounds woo but I promise it’s true! [grounding study ] So if you can let your baby sit or lay on a cloth blanket in the grass [or if it’s warm enough- ON/in the grass]!
  • When nursing or feeding your baby try not to be on your laptop or computer. This is the trickiest one I know- we’re ALL guilty. But the more space from devices the better, plus holding your baby is a great time to connect!


  • Turn off your cell phone or put it in airplane mode at night. If you must keep it on put it on the other side of the room from you
  • Have your laptop on a table/desk vs on your lap whenever you can
  • Use your phone on speakerphone whenever you can [unfortunately airpods expose to the same amount of EMFs as holding the phone to your ear]
  • Avoid smart things [smart plugs, light switches] These things need to constantly be listening/searching to connect.


  • Try not to keep your phone on your body. That back pocket is so convenient, but even a few inches away in a purse is helpful.
  • Turn off everything you can at night. Give your body some time to rest and heal from the constant exposure.
  • Don’t put your laptop on your belly. EMF’s aside, laptops can also get hot with use. The brand Defender does sell a laptop pad, and there are other EMF shields but without your own EMF detector it’s impossible to know if they are effective or not.
  • Eat veggies and drink lots of water!