At Nightingale Night Nurses, we recognize that the journey of becoming a parent can be filled with challenges and intricacies. We deeply empathize with families in Connecticut who may require additional support during this phase. That is precisely why our team of newborn experts is committed to delivering unrivaled in-home newborn care and postpartum services.

Newborn Care & Postpartum Support serving Connecticut

If you’re a resident of Connecticut and live near the serene coastlines of the Long Island Sound to the bustling city of Hartford, or you're vacationing in picturesque Mystic or at Lake Compounce, we're ever-ready to lend our support. Our newborn care team is committed to ensuring your peace of mind, irrespective of your location.

Our team of Connecticut Newborn Care experts is ready to support your family:

We firmly believe that every family in Connecticut deserves support during those first few months with a newborn. Our Connecticut newborn care team is dedicated to providing support, guidance, and care through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Our newborn care team can help you with:

  • Infant feeding support; whether you are bottle feeding pumped milk, or formula, or breast or chest feeding your baby
  • Helping guide your newborn into consistent and healthy sleep habits
  • Educating parents on all things baby
  • Ensuring confidence as new parents

Let us be your trusted companion on this incredible journey, offering support and expertise every step of the way.

Choose from our Connecticut Newborn Services:

Connecticut Overnight Care & Sleep Support:

As a new parent, getting enough sleep is crucial for your physical and mental well-being. Our team of Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas in Connecticut understands this and is here to provide the support you need to rest while we take over the care of your baby.

Having overnight care provides a variety of benefits:

  • Health. Getting sufficient rest is crucial for postpartum healing and preventing postpartum depression [even in non-birthing parents]
  • Safety. Our team of Newborn Care Specialists can help your baby learn to sleep independently and safely on their backs in a safe and ideal sleep environment.
  • Goals. Regular use of our night nurse services can lead to longer stretches of sleep for your baby even on the nights that we AREN’T there.

Our background checked overnight support team is available to assist you in receiving the rest you require, while also ensuring that your baby receives excellent care. Leaving you feeling confident and reassured!

Connecticut 24/7 Newborn and Infant Care:

Imagine an expert in newborn care in your home, always available at your beck and call, a specialist whose sole focus is the well-being of your precious little one in your home. They devote their entire schedule to your family, giving you assurance and peace of mind during those initial, overwhelming but crucial weeks or months of your baby's life.

  • This 24/7 agreement, typically spanning 8 to 12 weeks, becomes a priceless lifeline during a beautiful, yet challenging period.
  • Our Nightingales, whether they reside close by or travel to your home in Connecticut, pledge their skills and expertise to your family alone.
  • Their commitment is unwavering, staying with your family throughout their contract and working extensive shifts of 16 to 20 hours

The 24/7 newborn care specialist can step in as a gentle guardian, entirely overseeing the infant's care, or as an invaluable partner, imparting education and support while working alongside you. Many parents consider 24/7 care as an investment in the well-being and happiness of their family during this precious, fleeting time.

Let’s break down the difference between Overnight Newborn Care and 24/7 Live-In Care:


Overnight Newborn Care

Your postpartum expert will work 8-12 hour shifts in your home, while living at their own home between shifts.


24/7 Live-In Newborn Care

Your postpartum expert will work 16-20 hour shifts. They will live-in and travel with your family, including appointments or vacations as needed. They are assigned to a single family for their entire contract.

Whether you choose overnight or 24/7 coverage, our newborn care specialists will:

  • Provide breastfeeding support
  • Prepare bottles, wash bottles and pump parts, and ensure proper breastmilk storage
  • Feed, change and provide overall baby care
  • Establish a healthy overnight sleep environment
  • Restock diapers and wipes & upkeep nursery organization
  • Maintain a log for the duration of their shift, tracking feeding times, number of ounces, diaper changes, etc.

DISCOVERY. We set up a phone call to answer all of your questions and thoroughly explain our services. Then we send over an intake form which helps us understand your needs and goals for in-home newborn care.


MATCH. We do our magic behind the scenes and match you with your perfect fit team member. We send over their bio for you to learn a bit about them.


INTRO. We do a text introduction so you can set up a time to get to know them on a phone or video call, whichever works better for your family.


CONTRACT. If you love your match, we finalize the schedule with a contract and retainer to officially hold your spot in our calendar.

Seasoned Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas are in CT waiting to support your family. Contact us today to find your Connecticut Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula.

Baby Sleep Training & Sleep Consulting in Connecticut:

As Connecticut Sleep Consultants, we specialize in helping parents overcome the challenges of getting their babies to sleep. We offer a range of in-home and virtual sleep training services from newborn to toddlerhood and beyond. Our custom programs are tailored to your baby's needs, your family's lifestyle, and your comfort.

For babies aged 0-5 months: Setting up for success. Implementing safe,  beneficial and healthy sleep habits for quality sleep in the months and years to come.

For babies aged 5 months and older: Breaking habits of the past and re-learning independent sleep as quickly, gently and efficiently as possible

Our personalized approach ensures that every baby receives the individualized sleep training they deserve. Choose from our tailored sleep training services to meet your specific needs and help your baby get the rest they need.

Connecticut Counties Map of Newborn Care Services

Connecticut State Postpartum Service Area

Including but not limited to the towns listed below

HARTFORD COUNTY [West Hartford, Glastonbury]
MIDDLESEX COUNTY [Old Saybrook, East Hampton]
LITCHFIELD COUNTY [ Torrington, Woodbury]
NEW LONDON COUNTY [Old Lyme, Norwich]
FAIRFIELD COUNTY [Greenwich, Stamford]
TOLLAND COUNTY [Ellington. Hebron]
NEW HAVEN COUNTY [Waterbury, Guilford]
WINDHAM COUNTY [Sterling, Eastford]

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