doctor or midwife in Delray Beach FL

Choosing a doctor or midwife for your pregnancy in Delray Beach, FL

Congratulations, you’re expecting! But, now what? After the test is positive, one of the biggest moments is choosing the right person to help your family in their pregnancy and birth journey. Finding the right fit can come easily, or take a few tries but the right person is out there, and here is how to find them in Delray Beach, FL.

Doctor or Midwife? There is no wrong answer, only what’s right for you. If a home birth is of interest, finding a midwife for your pregnancy is essential. There are also birthing centers such as Palms Birth House in Delray Beach, where licensed midwives work with you to create a birth plan that fits your needs. Midwives are with you throughout your pregnancy and provide a variety of services to make sure you’re feeling comfortable. There are also midwives who will stay with you through a hospital birth and advocate for you and your family while supporting your needs.

Choosing a doctor in Delray Beach can also be an exciting moment. Going with a doctor is a choice that many make, noting the training and expertise they have in the field. Doctors are also typically utilized in instances of high risk pregnancies or if there are any neonatal issues.

Finding the right doctor or midwife in Delray Beach FL

  1. One of the best ways to start looking for a doctor or midwife is to check with your insurance and find in-network options. Seeing what insurance covers and where is a great way to move forward with a good idea of who you can use.
  2. Check out multiple options. Make appointments with birthing centers, midwives and doctor offices or hospitals before committing to one person.
  3. Ask friends what their experiences were with certain places or people. Hearing honest reviews from someone you trust can be instrumental in finding your right fit. 
  4. Look online. There are a variety of parenting and pregnancy groups online where you can ask about certain centers or people and get a variety of feedback.

The most important thing to remember when looking for a doctor or midwife in Delray Beach FL is that you have the right to find someone who works with you and makes you feel comfortable. Not every doctor or midwife will be the correct fit, and asking questions and shopping around before committing is a great way to see what’s out there and what you really want for your prenatal and postnatal care. 

What to ask doctors and midwives

  1. How long have you been practicing?
  2. What are your certifications?
  3. Do you have references?
  4. What are your major philosophies about prenatal care and childbirth?
  5. Will I see you at every appointment? If not, who will I be seeing?
  6. How many babies do you deliver per week?
  7. What is your cesarean delivery  rate?
  8.  If an emergency arises, what is your availability?
  9. Are you a group practice and if so, what are the chances of someone else delivering the baby?
  10. Am I allowed to write my own birth plan? Are doulas or midwives allowed in the delivery room?

Never be afraid to ask questions and challenge any ideas that may go against your own. The journey through pregnancy into parenthood is a long, beautiful one, but making sure you have the right team on your side to support you and provide excellent care is deeply important. The saying is that it takes a village, and you get to decide who belongs in that village, starting with a team that has your back from day one.