A-Z Guide for Postpartum Wellness

It takes nine months to grow a baby and prepare for birth. You’ve researched pediatricians, strollers and asked your provider dozens of questions about your pregnancy. Soon your baby will be here and planning for your “fourth trimester” is essential to postpartum recovery.

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Social media birth announcement etiquette

This one isn’t about the announcement of being pregnant — you know the cute “Big Brother 2018” shirts we see on Facebook. No. I love that stuff (for the most part; some people do try too hard). This is about what happens when the baby is born. And honestly, as a doula, it can drive me bonkers.

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What makes a good newborn mother?

Newborn mother

We’ve all had lots of experience working with a newborn mother — i.e. first child, or a brand-new child that’s 2/3/4/5 in the family. Being a new mom, even if you have repetition at it, is obviously one of the most challenging things under the sun. And while we all have our theories, what really makes a…

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What are the biggest challenges of having a newborn?

New Mom Challenges

I posted that question to a few Facebook groups the other day and got some responses (not a ton; perhaps I don’t have as many mom friends as I thought). So then I decided to do some of my own research and cull from the families that we’ve worked with too. Here’s what I’ve got.

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