The breastfeeding elephant in the room

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Whenever a mom (or dad) contacts us and wants to know about specific services, like overnight care or concierge services, there are a core number of basic questions. People always want to know first and foremost about:

  • Our experience
  • Our rates

These are two super-logical questions. We need to be experienced (we are!) because we’re going to have a hand in caring for your child. And people want to know price because, well, that’s what they’re going to pay. (We still live in a society very driven by cost.)

The third question after those two can vary, but there’s always one that’s interesting to me.

The breastfeeding question

I’ve had dozens of people ask us:

Do you only work with breastfeeding moms?

I guess I should answer the question first, then give background. So the answer would be:

No, we work with all mothers and all ways they choose to feed their baby.

So no worries! Breastfeed or not, we’re here to help.

The background

Major groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization have come out in defense of breastfeeding, arguing that six months of exclusive breastfeeding is ideal for newborns. Many families feel this way, but it can create guilt in women who can’t breastfeed. (This was part of the arc of the last few episodes of HBO’s Girls, actually.)

According to an article from 2014 in The New York Times, though — based on research from Ohio State University — there was no significant difference between breast-fed and non-breast-fed sibling pairs in terms of a variety of health measures. Other studies have found breastfeeding is not superior to formula, while still others have found breastfeeding is clearly the best route.

One of the things to remember about the current era, where everything is rooted in data? You can find data to back up almost anything. Studies exist on both sides of tons of issues. Breastfeeding is just one example.

The bottom line

We have tons of child care experience between us, and really all we want to do is help you sleep better, feel less stress, and feel like “you got this” as parents. We could care less what food source you’re going for — that’s a personal, familial decision. It’s not ours. We just want to help!

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