Need a Boston interior designer as a baby arrives? Two ideas.

I’ve worked with some couples who want to redo their space when a new baby (or a second/third baby) arrives. They often turn to interior designers because, well, wouldn’t that be their specialty? Over the years, I’ve seen two good ones rise up, especially if your focus is on re-organizing space for young ones:

Bacon Bits Interiors:¬†This is run by Maja Bacon, who can be reached at 508-441-4755 or Here’s how she describes what she does:

My whole design philosophy is based on two very simple beliefs. The first is that the space you live in should be an extension of who you are and make you happy. The second is that you should be able to have that great space regardless of your budget. I think that great design should be fun, light-hearted and accessible. I would love to partner with you to create an amazing space within your budget that you and your child will love to spend time in together.

Her focus is actually on nurseries and children’s rooms.

Mandarina Studio:¬†This is from Amanda Reid, who has 15 years of residential and commercial design experience. She can be reached at 917-796-5852 or You can see some examples of nurseries she’s worked on right here.

If you’re looking to redesign or re-shape the children’s play room/nursery area, I’d definitely start with these two.

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