Boston house cleaning recommendation: Tremendous Maid

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Tremendous Maid is great if you have newborns (or really children of any age) and can’t muster up the energy to clean your own house consistently. (Not judging, we’ve all been there.) They have 27+ years combined cleaning experience in 5-star hotels including The Breakers in Palm Beach, W, Sheraton, Marriott Hotels and more. Some of their core values include:

  • Excellence In Everything We Do
  • Act with Honesty, Integrity & Respect
  • Have Fun
  • Embrace Change
  • Pursue Growth & Development
  • Build Trust & Create a Team That Supports Each Other (a 2nd Real Family)
  • Think Creatively
  • Take Ownership
  • Always Remember where we come from – Be Humble

I’ve seen lots of families work with them, and all ended up happy with the results.

Right now you can get $15 off the first appointment by subscribing to their newsletter (via their website linked above) and 10% off for referring friends.

Get started by reaching out at 617-553-1393.

Related: they also have a pretty cool blog with house-cleaning and even home-purchasing tips.

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