Boston Childproofing Recommendations

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We get asked about childproofing recommendations all the time. Infrequently it’s “Why should I do that?” or “What’s the value of it?” and much more frequently (logically) it’s “Do you know anyone good who can help?” Childproofing can be a source of great stress at two specific times in a newborn’s arc:

  1. Before they come home. [To prepare]
  2. As they gain mobility. [In a Panic]

Now, there are parents who can childproof a home pretty well themselves — and even view it as a challenge/project/family bonding time. I myself am not one of those people, and in most cases I’d argue it should be left to a professional. Here’s my recommendation for childproofing in Boston, and New England.

I’d go with Safe Beginnings Childproofing, hands down. They have a service area spanning almost all of New England. They even have a list of child safety tips on their site, and maintain a gallery of some of the products they can install in your home. They’re a great service, so if childproofing worry is something you’re experiencing, definitely consider reaching out to them.


“Safe Beginnings was established in 1991. As the Boston area’s original baby proofing service, Safe Beginnings Childproofing has been in business for more than 25 years and professionally childproofs homes in all of New England. The company has expertly babyproofed well over 5,000 homes.”

Safe Beginnings

If you feel confident and capable in doing the job yourself, here are some of our recommendations to get started:

  • sleeping area safety
  • stairs
  • heavy furniture
  • blinds/curtains
  • sharp corners
  • outlets
  • bath time
  • car/carseat safety

[For out full do-it-yourself blog you can check it out here.]

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