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Boston baby nurse: Five legit reasons you need one

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We all like lists, right? (Thanks, Buzzfeed and others.) So let’s go forward with a list on why you need a Boston baby nurse.

1. Boston is expensive, you guys: Early in 2016, Boston Magazine hit this target in a headline: “Boston Is Getting REALLY Expensive.” Indeed. Our “comfortable living range” is $84,422, which makes us the fourth-most expensive city in America. Point being: if you have those beautiful children, you’re going to need to work to maintain those beautiful children. Work will tire you out, and work will feel awful if you didn’t sleep at all the night before. Enter the Boston baby nurse.

2. You need to be around for the real moments: One of the things we hear from parents considering a Boston baby nurse is “Oh, I don’t want to miss any moments. I’ll handle the night.” That’s fine and we appreciate/love that attitude. But here’s the reality too: nothing that major in a newborn’s life happens at night aside from crying and feeding. First steps usually aren’t at 3:30am. (I suppose they are for some kids.) If you crash and burn every night because your infant is keeping you up, you’re less ready for the big moments when they occur — which is usually dayside or during family time. So let the Boston baby nurse handle the midnight hours and you get the real “Oh God this needs to go on every social platform NOW!” moments.

3. You need to have sex: Whoa! Coming in hot. But here’s the reality: your intimate life will be different post-child, and even more different post-2, 3 children. You need to start making time and a routine for that, and having someone to cover off the nighttime will help. As they say in American Pie (an odd movie to quote here, but bear with me), “Just because you’re now parents doesn’t mean you stop being married.” (And yes, for the record, we have heard a few things in client homes, but that’s not really a blog we want to write.) But if this door’s a locked, hopefully you have the Boston baby nurse on call.

4. You can learn from us: We recommend products and approaches to infants. Remember, we work with a lot of families, so something you may never have considered, we might know about.

5. You deserve peace of mind: You’re a new parent, and you’re getting killed at work on various projects. You’re worried about the future. Overall in American history, this is one of the most nervous times for people. Your kids are going to become your life. You need to at least have peace of mind around some aspects of that, yes? Enter, again, the Boston baby nurse.

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