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Why should you hire a birth photographer?

This is a guest post by our good friend at Shirley Anne Photography, who is a Greater Boston Lifestyle Photographer specializing in all Motherhood Portraits. A few years ago I was telling myself I didn’t want any more children. Regardless I always planned that in case I did, I wanted to have a Home Birth and… Read More

How do you communicate love to your partner?

This is a guest post from our friend Ted at Context of Things: I don’t know if tweets embed well on WordPress sites anymore, so I’ll try to both embed it and link it for you. Peep: https://twitter.com/_TomGReid/status/967609152641142784 That’s a little back-and-forth between me and my man Tom Reid yesterday. I met him through a crew… Read More

When should you introduce solid foods to a baby?

The Nightingales get tons of questions from new parents — or even second- and third-time parents — about how, when, and with what products to introduce solid foods. Here are a couple of our key answers. When should you introduce solid foods? This varies by baby. The general belief is 4-6 months. The American Academy of… Read More

Let’s run through some options. TENS Unit: Never heard of it? It stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. While 1 in 5 women in the United Kingdom use it, it’s fairly rare in the United States. As this article will tell you: TENS can be a powerful means to avoid pharmaceutical pain relief, if that’s your goal, or… Read More

How does a new mom build her milk supply?

We get this question a lot from new parents (and actually some new dads) here at Nightingales. Let’s run down a couple of tips. Cluster pumping: This is where you pump for 10 minutes, take 10 minutes off, and repeat this cycle for an hour. Cluster pumping can typically help your milk supply come in in… Read More

How can dads bond with their newborns?

This one can sometimes be a fraught issue because we put a lot of the onus for child-rearing on the female — although admittedly that is changing quickly in broader society. As a new dad, with probably less time off work initially, how can you bond with your newborn? Remember this up front Bonding takes time. It… Read More

How to avoid the flu taking over your house

This was a “nightmare flu season” in any context for America, and while it seems like March will be a little bit better, the flu can still wreak complete havoc on young families. How do you prevent it taking over your house? Elderberry Syrup It’s a very potent cold + flu remedy, and here’s how… Read More

Serena Williams gets real about motherhood

Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam events. She might be the most successful female athlete ever, honestly. She’s definitely one of the strongest females out there in terms of perception. And even she is now admitting that pregnancy, the actual act of giving birth, and the first six weeks of motherhood nearly killed her. This… Read More

I’d love to hear your ideas, either on Facebook/Instagram or in the comments here, but here are a few of our ideas: Art project Coloring Play outside The older one reads a story to the younger one Potato sack race (depending on age of the little one) 40-yard dash Video games Create a short play… Read More

Is motherhood depicted accurately on Instagram?

You may have heard the story recently about Jade Roper Tolbert, former Bachelor in Paradise star and mommy to 5-month-old Emerson. She did a paid Instagram post partnership with bra maker ThirdLove, and this was the resulting photo: It should be noted that (a) this is an ad, and (b) the goal is ultimately to sell… Read More

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