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A movie about “the mom bubble”

It stars Charlize Theron and is out on April 20th.  It’s called Tully. Here are some details, including: “Marlo is a woman who tries her best to keep up with the demands of being an attentive mother, a loving wife, and maintaining at least some self-identity through it all. But at the end of the day… Read More

6 tips for preventing and treating diaper rash

Every baby gets diaper rash. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It doesn’t mean that your baby was in a soiled diaper too long. Diaper rash can be be triggered by many different things — like chemicals in diapers and wipes, thrush, or reactions to milk or new foods and even something in mom’s diet… Read More

Do you have a plan for your postpartum recovery?

Sleep. Good food. Clean home. Happy baby. These four elements together allow for a calm transition into new parenthood. For a new mom, sufficient sleep is a vital part of your postpartum healing and maintaining your milk supply. Eating healthy, balanced meals and drinking plenty of fluids helps your body recover from birth — and… Read More

Turn motherhood into a community

Three examples. Ready? Set? Go.  The Professional Example Interesting how this executive frames up SoulCycle here: One of the key values at SoulCycle is non-competitiveness. Cyclers don’t compete with each other. Rather they share the burden of the exercise together, pressing down on their peddles and bopping on their handlebars in unison, together powering their… Read More

2017 Boston holiday activities: Some resources

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … which is probably good, since it’s already 12/15. What events are there across the next 10 days — and that week towards NYE — in the Boston area, especially family-friendly holiday activities? Here are some ideas. One comprehensive guide … is this one from Boston Discovery… Read More

Venezuela is revolutionizing childbirth

Watch this: Now read this. Pay particular attention to this paragraph: The Humanized Birthing Plan is aimed at creating humane conditions for women before, during and after their birthing process, and requires collaboration between the Women’s Ministry and the Ministry of Health. The plan includes some of the suggestions outlined in the humanized birthing bill… Read More

Motherhood and “being there”

There’s a new-ish book out called Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood In The First Three Years Matters. Don’t get hung up on the title. The book isn’t necessarily claiming that motherhood doesn’t matter once a kid turns 4. No. Rather, they’re saying that the first three years are especially important, which we at Nightingales hope most people know. Here’s… Read More

Thanksgiving leftover recipes for kids

Got a bunch of food lying around today and this weekend? Got a baby in the house? Let’s combine the two successfully. Some of these recipes are more suitable for young kids, and some are better for a year or under. With a newborn, you want to be careful about mashing it, chewability, and make… Read More

I think we all know that fear is an essential part of being a new parent, but sometimes we’re reluctant to discuss it openly. I’m not sure if that’s because we want to present as strong, we’re scared of others judging us, or we just assume we can toil and not bring it up. It’s OK. It’s… Read More

The confusing journey of motherhood

In the next few weeks (and headed into 2018), we want to do more blogs on the personal journeys of women as they become mothers. This is a complex and often fraught topic — and it’s not often super well-understood broadly. Consider a simple example. This article from Elle UK is entitled “I Told My Boss I… Read More

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