Boston springtime activities with kids 2017

The best springtime Boston activities for kids (2017)

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Spring has sprung! Time to make a little list of kid-friendly activities in the Boston area.

First, and most obvious: If it’s nice, get outside. The kids will like it and Vitamin D benefits everyone. Netflix can be tempting, of course, but don’t stay inside on a beautiful Boston spring day. You’ll ultimately regret it.

Drumlin Farm: Good place to meet animals and learn about nature, and it works for the preschool age as well.

Zoo New England: Ditto.

Memorial Drive: It’s closed to cars on Sunday from late April to early November. Very solid for strollers, etc.

Red Sox: It needs to be in the (slight pun) rotation.

Gore Place: Pretty awesome, and this year the Sheepshearing Festival is April 29th.

Swan Boats: Also always a good time.

Freedom Trail: Historical context, exercise, and fun.

Hikes: Here is a good list of available places (including some of the above).

Choose a summer camp: I mean heck, you might need some “me” time this summer, right?

A big ‘ol list: This one has some good options.

Go to brunch — outside: Here are a few possibilities.

Day trips: MommyPoppins has some good “can-drive-from-Boston-area” ideas.

That’s a start, and you probably knew some of the above, but like I said at the top — get out! Enjoy! It was a rough winter in some patches, right? (And the summer is actually supposed to be hot.) So while we have this pocket, get after it.

And of course, if you want your kid to have some quality overnight sleep before a fun day outside, feel free to reach out.

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