Best Christmas Gifts 2021 for New Moms

Christmastime is here! The perfect Christmas gifts for new moms are ones that makes her life easier, more comfortable, and fun. Whether you’re seeking a practical gift, luxury item or keepsake, this list has lovely gift ideas for every budget.

Christmas Gifts for New Moms Under $30

Planet Wise Wet Bags – from $12.99

Not just for dirty cloth diapers, these wet bags are essential for new motherhood. Transport pump parts, baby laundry, snacks, and anything you need on-the-go with baby. These cute and easily washable wet bags cut back on plastic bag use and are a must for any eco-conscious mom. 

Simple Wishes Hands-Free Nursing Bra – from $25

For moms who pump, this hands-free nursing bra is absolutely essential. Fitting pumping into your day with a new baby is tough enough; there’s no need to make it harder than it has to be! Without this bra, pumping moms are stuck holding the pump flanges in place for up to 20 minutes, every 3 hours, around the clock. This product is a game-changer.

Haaka Silicone Breast Pump with Suction Base – $20.99

This brilliantly simple device uses gentle suction to collect breast milk, saving time and effort for nursing moms. Nurse on one side and collect milk with the Haaka on the other, no electric pump required. This model with the suction base is a must-have to prevent spills.

Mom’s One Line a Day: a Five Year Memory Book – $16.95

For the writers in your life, this elegant journal prompts moms to capture the simple moments of motherhood. Five years will fly by, and with this journal moms can capture a moment from every day.

A Little Something for Mama to Be by Earth Mama – $25.99

This adorable travel set includes 5 cruelty-free products any new mom will love. Natural deodorant, castile soap, belly butter, belly oil, and lip balm made with herbs and oils safe for pregnancy and postpartum.

Anjie + Ash Teething Necklace – $24.99

Stylish and functional, this is a gift for moms and babies alike! An elegant necklace for mom, a soothing teether for baby. Made with food-grade silicone beads that resemble wood, this necklace will provide hours of soothing comfort and entertainment for baby while mom’s wardrobe gets a stylish boost. 

Is This Normal Game by Little Spoon – $24.99

Parenting is no joke. Until now. For the game lovers in your life, this card game will delight. A simple card game about all the things the parenting books don’t prepare you for, Is This Normal will have the new mom in your life laughing out loud. 

Christmas Gifts for New Moms Under $100

Lululemon Align Pant 31 – $98

Stretchy pants are a staple of new motherhood, and these are the queen of all stretchy pants. These yoga pants are buttery soft, with fabric that expands and snaps back as your body changes. They’re amazingly supportive postpartum without being constrictive, even with a C-section incision. Looking for a Christmas gift that she’ll actually use, often? Look no further than the Lululemon Align Pant 31. 

Hydroflask with Straw Lid – $49.95

Every woman’s experience of motherhood is unique, but one universal truth remains for all: the thirst is real. Growing, feeding, and chasing after a tiny human require an impressive and steady stream of hydration. With a straw lid, this Hydroflask ensures new moms can sip while laying down, sitting, or on-the-go. For practical gift-givers, this one can’t be beat. 

Kibou Fanny Pack Diaper Bag – $89

For the minimalist mom, this fanny pack diaper bag is essential. It has a built-in waterproof pocket for wet wipes, a detachable changing pad, a key/pacifier hook, and a front pocket for your own essentials – making quick trips out with your little one a breeze.

Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card – from $50

One card, endless spa and salon options. Gift the gift of self-care this season with a Spafinder Wellness 365 gift card. The new mom in your life will be overjoyed to choose from thousands of participating locations to schedule a prenatal or postpartum massage, facial, mani/pedi, haircut, and more. She can even purchase products with her gift card! 

Luxury Christmas Gifts for New Moms

Jules + Anya Essentials Box – $319

All the essentials you need for a new baby in one simple purchase! Carefully curated by expert sleep consultants, the Jules + Anya Essentials Box is the ultimate gift for new parents. With comfy swaddles and sound machines, an array of bottles and pacifiers, must-have diaper creams and so much more, this box will elicit a sigh of relief (and squeal of joy) from any new mom. 

Hatch-to-Hospital Box – $248

This luxury box is packed with comfortable and adorable maternity wear, taking the guesswork out of packing for the hospital. With matching organic bamboo briefs, a nightgown, robe, and socks, the Hatch-to-Hospital box is perfect for any expecting mama.