Nanny Industry Standards

Are you hiring a nanny? Do you have a nanny? Are you a nanny? We’re here to talk about nanny industry standards. What is normal, what should be expected, what is unacceptable? Guaranteed Hours Guaranteed hours means that the parents are guaranteeing that the nanny is being paid her weekly pay 52 weeks a year.…

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What is a Night Nurse?

night nurse baby nurse

What is a night nurse? AKA What is a baby nurse? Well…a night nurse and a baby nurse are actually antiquated, misused and often illegal terms for nonmedical professionals. When parents are looking for support for their newborn they actually should be seeking out a newborn care specialist or postpartum doula! But most new parents…

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Spring Foods to Boost Milk Supply

overnight newborn care

Spring is here! It’s a time of renewal, growth, and gratitude for new beginnings. Along with the longer days and warmer temps comes a bounty of healthy, fresh foods. Spring is a wonderful time to be nursing a little one. As farmers markets open up and the first garden harvests come in, look to these…

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Dressing a Newborn for Spring Weather

At Nightingale Night Nurses home base we live in New England. And New England has fun things called seasons. Spring officially starts in March but let’s face it, it doesn’t feel like spring until May! The weather in spring on any given day could be in the 30s or in the 80s! Babies [newborns especially]…

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SNOO vs Night Nurse

The SNOO: The SNOO is a bassinet created by the Happiest Baby on the Block author Harvey Karp. You can strap your baby into its swaddle and it provides motion and sound to soothe your baby. A Night Nurse/Baby Nurse: An old-fashioned term for a newborn care specialist, postpartum doula or generally a person that…

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Confessions of a Sleep Trainer

*Why a Sleep Trainer did a terrible job of sleep training her own baby! Confessions of a sleep trainer.* Howdy. I’m Karina. And if you don’t know me, here is a little background: I’m a sleep trainer [aka a sleep consultant]. I’m also a newborn care specialist, postpartum doula, lactation educator, developmental specialist, and probably…

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My Baby Is Climbing Out Of The Crib

night nurse, baby crib

HELP! “My baby is climbing out of the crib!” I’ve had three parents reach out to me with this issue this month! And when that happens…that means it’s time for a blog! If your child is younger than 3 then they *may* not emotionally/developmentally ready to be out of the crib yet…that doesn’t mean that…

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Lovevery Play Gym and Play Kits Review

First off I would like to say that we don’t do sponsored posts, we don’t do paid advertisements, and we don’t accept collaborations with brands that we don’t 100% love. This lovevery play gym and play kits review is completely authentic. When any expecting/new parent asks me what I recommend for toys there is only…

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Preparing for flu season with a newborn

You’ve lived through fall and winter every year of your life, and you may not have given it much thought. However, when you have a new baby with a developing immune system- every cough, every doorknob, every touch from a stranger just hits differently. You may feel that you should be preparing for flu season…

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