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The advantages of Boxboro for new parents

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Boxborough (often shortened to Boxboro) is about 44 minutes driving from central Boston (28.6 miles, give or take — a little more than a marathon). Because that can feel “kind of far,” a lot of times new parents looking for more suburban space don’t consider it, opting for something a bit closer to the metro area. Makes complete sense, but if you’re bypassing Boxboro, you’re missing out. Why? Many reasons.

Well-developed area: The median income is $115,639.

Still a relatively small community: There are less than 5,000 residents as of the 2010 census (likely close to 7,000 now).

Great school system: Acton-Boxborough Regional High School is highly-ranked both within MA and nationwide; it was designated a Blue Ribbon School in 2009. It’s also ranked in the top ten in the National Academic Decathlon.

History: The Silas Taylor Farm can be found on Flagg Hill. The Silas Wethebee House (est. 1770), or Walnut Farm, can be seen today on Hill Road as part of the “Path of the Patriots.” Boxboro overall is home to a couple of different landmarks along The Freedom Trail.

Parks: Boxboro has 14 of them, in addition to Flerra Meadows (soccer fields, as well as a small playground and pond). Liberty Fields has a baseball diamond, multiple soccer fields and a conservation trail in the woods.

Fifer’s Day and Harvest Festival: Held in June and September respectively, these are two big town fairs. The former is coordinated by the Minutemen and the latter is a celebration of the agricultural history of Boxboro.

Neighborly: Consider this:

“A lot of people have been living there for decades or longer. We got fresh eggs from a family who lives up the road from us, and we didn’t even know they had chickens,’’ she said. “A big reason I moved to Boxborough is to live somewhere that neighbors feel connected and able to communicate together.’’

Don’t you want your kids having exposure to that type of community?

Bettering Boxborough Together: This is a group that meets to discuss how Boxboro should grow. It will grow, as houses become less and less available closer to Boston — so the question is, what type of community should it look like?

Commute: Straight driving isn’t bad (28.6 miles, as noted above). There’s a commuter rail in Littleton that gets to Cambridge pretty fast.

If you live in Boxboro or have considered it, what else might you add?

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