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5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate His First Father’s Day

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Is your man celebrating his first Father’s Day this year? You want to make it a special occasion for him, but don’t know where to start. Don’t stress – there are countless simple and meaningful ways to let your guy know he is loved and appreciated. Read on for 5 meaningful ways to celebrate his first Father’s Day.

Give the Gift of Sleep

Whether your baby is brand new or approaching their first birthday, by now you and your partner are both very aware of what interrupted sleep feels like. This Father’s Day, give your guy the gift of much-deserved rest. How can you make time for him to catch some extra Zzz’s?

  • Plan a slow morning so he can sleep in
  • Take the baby for an afternoon walk so he can nap
  • Hire overnight help, allowing both of you to catch up on a night of much-needed rest!

Everything is more enjoyable when you’re well-rested, and your partner will deeply appreciate this thoughtful gesture. 

Take a Family Adventure

You’re a brand new family, and just getting started collecting those special memories to look back on. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to plan a fun family adventure to add to the books. Take a hike, visit a brewery, check out some live music, or simply go for a long scenic drive while the baby naps. No need to overthink it, just spend time together and enjoy the day!

Make His Favorite Meal

Life with a new baby often means a great deal of take-out and one-pot meals. And maybe your guy is 100% on board with this. If so, call in your favorite delivery service and call it a day! But if not, a homemade meal is a lovely way to show him that you care. No need to make it a fancy affair – put on some good music and hang out as a family together while the kitchen fills with delicious scents. Pass your baby back and forth, have a good time, and leave the dishes for tomorrow. 

Gift from the Baby

He might insist he doesn’t “need” anything this Father’s Day, but you can still surprise him with a crafty gift “from the baby”. Search “father’s day crafts” for a wealth of simple ideas:

If your creativity is zapped and you have some time to plan, order a custom mug or keychain for him to display his dad badge with pride. 

Plan a Date Night 

The addition of your sweet new baby brought you and your partner closer together in new ways, but alone time is not likely one of them. Getting to spend some one-on-one time with your guy is a wonderful way to let him know that you value him not just as a father, but as a partner, too. Depending on how old your baby is, your feeding routine and childcare options, this could look several different ways:

  • Plan a date night in, with a special dessert and movie night after the baby goes to sleep
  • Hire a babysitter and head out for dinner
  • Drop the baby off with a relative for a few hours and head out on a daytime date

Be creative, and keep the main goal in mind: spending time together as a couple. Your date this year might be shorter or look different than it has in past years, or how it will look in the future. That’s okay! Your guy will appreciate the extra effort it takes to make one-on-one time happen with a baby, and it will feel amazing. 

His First Father’s Day: Focus on What’s Important

The year you become parents is full of many firsts and big milestones. For your partner’s first Father’s Day, focus on what’s important. Quality time together, good food, and creating sweet family memories to look back on are the goal. There’s no need to plan an extravagant day – unless that feels good! With a new baby, you both have enough on your plates. Make this Father’s Day a relaxing, meaningful day to bond as a family and let your guy know how much you love and appreciate him.