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24 Hour Care live-in Newborn Care Specialists

A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is a highly experienced individual who specializes in newborn and infant care. Most NCS’s have undergone specialized training and have advanced knowledge in subjects such as multiples or sleep training. A NCS can work with your family for the first few weeks or months on your baby’s life. When the time comes for your family to transition into having a nanny, your NCS can provide hands-on training so that consistency in care can continue after her term ends.

Newborn Care Specialist Responsibilities

Newborn Care

Around the clock assistance with soothing, swaddling, bathing, diaper changes, feeding, burping, dressing and engaging in age appropriate activities.


Supporting new parents as they transition home from the hospital by teaching proper care methods, providing one on one breastfeeding support and giving helpful feedback and tips.


Educating parents so they can make informed decisions throughout their parenting journey.


Establishing a healthy schedule that is developmentally appropriate for your baby’s age, that includes feeding, sleeping and playtime with a focus on developmental milestones.

Daily Log

Maintaining a daily log, keeping track of feeding and sleeping patterns, along with other pertinent information and observations to help establish a healthy schedule.


Setting up, organizing and stocking the nursery, preparing bottles, properly storing breastmilk, washing and sterilizing bottles and pumping supplies, baby’s laundry, and running local errands.

Schedule & Rates

Newborn Care Specialists typically work 18-20 hour shifts for 5-7 days a week. Assignments vary in length between 2 weeks and 6 months; on average families hire a NCS for approximately 12 weeks (or until their baby is successfully sleeping through the night). Depending on experience, qualifications, and number of children (singleton or multiples) rates for Newborn Care Specialists can range from $30-$50/hr. We recommend interviewing and booking your NCS 2-3 months before your due date, or earlier if possible. Highly experienced NCS book up quickly.
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We have the best!

No matter where your family is located we have access to some of the best Newborn Care Specialists in the industry! Our team of meticulously selected and thoroughly vetted NCS are passionate about providing the very best in newborn care, supporting families every step of the way.

Thank you for taking the first step in finding the perfect support for your family!

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