10 Ways to Make His First Father’s Day Special

10 Ways to Make His First Father’s Day Special

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It’s your guy’s first Father’s Day, and you want this special day to be memorable. But… it’s his first Father’s Day, so that means you have a young baby who zaps a lot of your brain power! No creative ideas for Father’s Day? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 ways to make his first Father’s Day special. 

1. Give him a gift from the baby

Tap into his sentimental side with a gift “from” the baby. True, most of the work will fall on you, but a cute handprint or footprint craft will go over great for his first Father’s Day. And in years to come, your kiddo can take the reins with this crafty tradition! For ideas, check out this blog for simple and adorable crafts “from” the baby to Dad. 

2. Let him sleep in

Becoming a new dad comes with a whole lot of new responsibilities. It’s a ton of work, and it’s exhausting! On his first Father’s Day, let your guy sleep in. Have some morning one-on-one time with your baby while Dad catches some extra Zzz’s. He’ll wake up in the best mood ever, ready for an amazing first Father’s Day! 

3. Breakfast in bed

Who says breakfast in bed is just for Moms? Dads will love this special treat that shows how much you appreciate all his hard work. Check out this blog post for easy Father’s day breakfast in bed recipes. 

4. Go for a drive

Does your baby love car rides? If so, this one’s for you. Strap baby into their carseat and hit the road. Aim for your favorite park, a new hiking spot, or nowhere in particular at all. As new parents know, alone time is hard to come by. Going for a drive while your baby snoozes in the backseat is practically a date!

5. Let him veg out

Is your guy an introvert? Chances are, he’s had to adjust to a serious drop in alone time this past year. Take the baby out for an errand or a walk while he gets the whole house to himself for an hour or two. 

6. Get him and the baby matching tees

His first Father’s Day is the perfect occasion for a cheesy matching tee set with his baby. Let him boast his new dad pride all day long! 

7. Write him a heartfelt message 

Skip the generic card and write him an authentic, heartfelt message. As new parents, your relationship has faced many challenges this year. A new baby is a huge blessing, but parenthood is a major life adjustment. Take some time to write out how you feel about your partner, everything you appreciate him and all the ways you’ve grown together this year. 

8. Make a memento

Whether you’ve been a parent for 10 days or 10 months, you’re already aware of just how quickly those little ones grow and change. Give him a memento with a photo of your baby this year, so he can always remember how tiny your firstborn was on his first Father’s Day. Shutterfly is a great place to create customized gifts. 

9. Commission an art piece

Make this day super special with a customized art piece. Lots of artists on Etsy offer quick turnaround for beautiful custom family portraits. Simply choose a style, select an artist and send in a photo of your family. You can opt to receive a digital copy of your custom art piece, a physical copy in the mail, or both! He’ll cherish this sweet gift for a lifetime. 

10. Plan a date night

Hire a sitter and surprise him with a date night! If you’re not ready (or too tired!) to leave your baby at bedtime, go for an afternoon date. It doesn’t have to be fancy – your partner will love the gesture and any time he gets to spend with you one-on-one. If you don’t have childcare ready yet, plan a date night at home with takeout and a movie. 

Make His First Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day is all about honoring Dads. There’s no one right way to do that! For his first Father’s Day, choose activities that fit your lifestyle right now. Remember, there will be many more Father’s Days to come, and each year will be different as your kiddo grows. Don’t stress trying to make this year perfect – just focus on enjoying a relaxed day as a family.