We understand how exhausting having a newborn can be. Our team of Night Nurses, Postpartum Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists and Registered Nurses are by your side to help you transition home from the hospital. We provide education and support to help empower you to become confident parents throughout those first few months of your baby’s life.

The experience of great support when you have a new baby is

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overnight newborn care

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to be successful in your parenting journey. We educate you throughout your pregnancy with helpful local resources, tips on preparing and stocking the nursery, setting up your living space to have a functional nursing and changing station. Supporting you with hands on breastfeeding support, guiding you through baby’s first bath, teaching you to swaddle and soothe your baby and everything in between.

Sufficient sleep is a vital part of postpartum healing, maintaining your milk supply and preventing postpartum depression. Proper rest will allow you the energy you need to nurture your baby to the fullest and be able to enjoy daytime snuggles and bonding, maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and transform your experience the first few months as a new family.

overnight newborn care
overnight newborn care

Welcoming a new baby into the family can really rock a toddler’s world. We want to help make the transition as smooth as possible when your baby arrives. By getting proper rest and support at night, you will have the energy you need to keep up with your toddler during the day. We work with you to help create a routine that works with your family’s lifestyle.

What do we do? (the specifics)

Your Night Nurse will arrive between 9-10pm and stay throughout the night, working an 8-12 hour shift. She will attend to your baby’s every need and offer as much or as little support that you need. She can sit with you while breastfeed or take over complete care of your newborn so you can get some much needed rest.

  • breastfeeding guidance & support
  • bottle preparation (breast milk, formula or a combination of both)
  • pumping support
  • pump & bottle cleaning
  • feeding, changing and soothing your baby(s)
  • education on the benefits of a routine
  • help with setting up safe sleep spaces
  • teaching different swaddling techniques
  • keeping a detailed log of baby’s night

Why work with the Nightingales?

  • Personalized Process

We are not a one size fits all agency. We don’t just send you any night nurse, each placement is unique and customized for the special family it serves. Let us connect you with a night nurse who specifically fits your needs through a trusted and unique personalized placement process based off of three components; your intake form, your consult with Kristin (either phone or in person) and your favorite color.

  • Quality Coverage

We can ensure that you always have quality care you can count on! We take a team approach and have a built in backup system.  Every family that works with the Nightingale Night Nurses meets with two Nightingales, one who will be your primary support person, and the other who will be able to cover extra nights that you might need or if your regular support person is sick, or has a family emergency or scheduling conflict.

  • Ongoing Support

Our skilled and compassionate newborn care professionals will give you in home hands on support as you transition into life with a newborn. In the event that you have questions during the day, we are happy to answer them by phone, text or email. In home daytime support is available for a minimum of 4 hours per visit.

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"Hiring the Nightingale Night Nurses was the best thing we ever did. It wasn’t just about the luxury of a better night’s sleep, it was of an an investment in our entire first year with our children. I was able to to sleep through the night and have the energy to care for our twins during the day and my husband didn’t miss much work from being sleep-deprived. If we decide to have another baby, Kristin will be the first person we call!"

Becky and Derek

Parents of twins

"Our son was keeping musicians’ hours and taking hours to settle. (We are not Musicians.) We were a bit panicked at the prospect of sleep training and looking for experienced help. Everyone has opinions about babies and the “right” kind of sleep but very few people have the Nightingales' years of experience."

Jen and Stu

first time parents